BBC地平线 跨性别者(Being Transgender) 第30期


但是我们不写品牌名 Well, we don't put initials on them, though.

基本上我就是你的画布 Basically, I'm your canvas.

之后我会出来跟你妈妈打招呼 I'll come out and say hi to your mom afterwards.

-我爱你妈妈 -我也爱你 - I love you, mom. - I love you too.

一切都会好的 Everything's going to be fine.

我有点担心你 但... Well, I'm a little nervous for you, but...

好的 Well, all right. OK.

-谢谢你 -不客气 - Thank you. - You're welcome.

我们到了 我来了 Here we are. I'm here.

变性者并不都一样 Not all trans people are the same,

并非每个人的归宿都是手术 not everyone's end result is surgery.

但对于我来说 我只是做好了手术的准备 But for me, personally, I'm just ready to have it done

然后去感受我这辈子的 and feel like how I imagine how I wanted

所想所愿 to feel my whole life.

手术过后 我觉得我就变成女孩了 After my surgery, I just feel like I'm going to be a girl.

那些我觉得自己应该可以做 I can do all the normal things that I felt like I should

却一直做不了的平常事 have been able to do over my life

我都能做了 that I haven't been able to do yet.

像是穿比基尼泳装 Like wear a bikini.

手术能起效 因为我们基本结构都一样 The surgery works well, because we all start from the same parts.

每个人都是从女性生理结构开始的 Everyone starts in female anatomy.

卵巢的发展是从生殖嵴开始的 So the ovaries start from the gonadal ridge,

一旦停止发展 and if they drop,

就变成睾丸 继续发展就变成卵巢 they become testicles, and if they don't they become ovaries.

阴蒂也是如此 And same with the clitoris.

其实它只是一个非常短的阴茎 It's really just a very short penis.

当你把男性生理结构转变成女性生理结构时 And when you're converting male anatomy to female anatomy,

你只是在逆转胚胎发育过程 you're simply reversing embryology.

鲍尔斯医生要做的是一项极其精细的手术 What Dr. Bowers is about to do is an extremely delicate operation.

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