BBC地平线 跨性别者(Being Transgender) 第28期


-杰米在吗 -在 - Jamie..- Yeah.

杰米 你可以躺到椅子上吗 Jamie, are you going to get onto the couch for us?

可以 我就侧躺着是吗 Yes. I can. Will I just lie on my side, then?

对 你靠在那里就行 Yes. You just need to lean here.

我会先擦拭你的皮肤 I'm just going to wipe your skin first.

好的 没问题 Yeah, that's fine.

好了 要注射了 0K. Shot coming up now. Yeah.

快结束了 Nearly done.

好了 杰米 All done, Jamie.

谢谢 Thank you. Cheers.

太棒了 太棒了 That's amazing. That's awesome.

我注射了睾丸素啦 I'm on testosterone.

我好激动 I'm just buzzing.

我接下来一个礼拜都会很嗨 I'm going to be on a high for, like, a week now.

你接下来的四个礼拜都会很嗨 You're going to be on a high for four weeks until

直到下一次注射 you have your next shot.

对 到时候我又会继续嗨 Yeah, then I'll be on a high again.

来抱一下 丽莎 Come on, Lisa.

这种感觉很难用语言表达 The feeling is so hard to put into words.

你的体内总算有了一种对的化学物质 You've finally got the right chemical in your body and

你知道它会让你长成自己的本来面目 you know that this is going to make you into the person that you are.

这真是让我松了一大口气 It'sjust a massive relief.

首尔 韩国


生日发型 Birthday hairdo.

这不好笑 It's not funny.

嗨 早上好 嗨 Hi, good morning. Hi.

-你还好吗 -还行 - How are you- I'm 0K.

只是还行呀 Just OK.

你要远离咖啡因 You should avoid any caffeine...

-酒精 -好 - alcohol. - Yeah.

还有不能大声说话 And shouting...

-好 -不能尖叫 不能唱歌 - OK... - Screaming, singing.

好 Ok.

所以今天不能喝醉以后唱歌大叫 So don't get drunk and then start singing and shouting today.

-对的 -好 - Yes. - OK.

但今天是我生日 But it's my birthday.

生日快乐 OK, OK. Happy birthday.

还可以吗 Is that all right?

这是一个氧气面罩 This is the oxygen mask.

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