BBC地平线 跨性别者(Being Transgender) 第27期


她为我们在学校及工作中的权益而斗争 She fights our corners at school, at work.

她真是上帝赐给我们的礼物 She's just a complete godsend.

今天我打了第一针睾丸素 So I've got my first ever testosterone shot today,

这真令人兴奋 which is exciting.

注射睾丸素或任何其他的跨性别激素 Taking testosterone or any cross-sex hormone is never

从来都不是一个容易的选择 an easy choice to make.

这意味着你余生都必须接受注射 You will have to take the injections for the rest of your life.

在我看来 这是为了让我的身体和 For me, it's all about making my body match my head

我的大脑尽量匹配 as much as possible.

因为你身体的某个部位 Because that bit of your body,

可能大了一点或是小了一点 it shouldn't be a bit bigger or a bit smaller or whatever,

反正就是不应该出现在那里 it just should not be there. Yeah.

特别是胸部这样的地方 Like, particularly, like, chest and stuff,

它就不应该存在 it just should not be there.

那不是我 That's not me.

虽然注射激素 So, getting hormones, like,

并不能完全解决这个问题 it won't get rid of the problem completely,

但它能帮我应对这个问题 but it helps you so much in being able to deal with it.

嗨 我要 Hiya. I'm going to...

我是来取药的 I'm here to pick up a presCRIption.

谢谢 Thanks. Cheers.

-谢谢光顾 -再见 - Thank you. - See you.

我拿到我的睾丸素了 My testosterone.

我好兴奋 I'm excited.

我有点紧张 但也很兴奋 I'm a bit nervous, but I'm excited.

上面写什么 Yes. What's that say?

睾丸素 睾丸素 Testosterone. Testosterone.

睾丸素 Testosterone.

上面真的就这样写的 It actually says it on the top.

我等不及了 这真是最棒的事 I can't wait. That's the best thing.

因为人们一般看到我就会说 Because people look at me and go,

"你好吗 兄弟" "You all right, mate?"

但我一开口说话 And then I start talking,

他们就说 "抱歉 亲爱的" they're like, "Oh, sorry, love."

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