BBC地平线 火星旅行者指南(Mars-A Traveller's Guide) 第08期


但是还有一个问题 该在哪着陆呢 But the question remains, where should you land?

离开地球七个月后 Seven months after leaving Earth behind,

火星来访者将会欣赏到 Martian visitors will be met with astounding views

火星上令人震惊的景色 of the Red Planet

以及亟待探索的广阔地貌 and vast landscapes calling out to be explored.

但最完美的着陆点可能会让你吃惊 But the perfect spot may surprise you.

地点 水手谷 长4000千米 宽200千米 深10千米

这就是水手谷 This is Valles Marineris,

以美国航天局 named after Mariner 9,

发现该峡谷的水手9号命名 the NASA mission that discovered it.

该峡谷的跨度令人惊叹 The scale of the canyon is breathtaking.

就像地球上的科罗拉多大峡谷 但是超大版的 It is like the Grand Canyon on Earth, but super-size.


有的地方 其深度达到十千米 In places, its walls plunge 10km down,

其独特的地质构造 a unique geological formation

是火星上其他任何地方都无法比拟的 not matched anywhere else on the planet.

得益于大峡谷体系的地质情况 And it's thanks to this geology that this vast canyon system

使它成为了理想的着陆点 makes the ideal landing site on Mars...

宇宙地质学家吉姆·赖斯博士 As astro geologist Dr Jim Rice

可以证实这一点 can testify to.

自1994年火星探路者任务 He's been involved in selecting Mars landing sites

他参与了美国宇航局 for every NASA mission

每一次着陆点的选择 since Mars Pathfinder in 1994.

我们需要的是比较平坦的地方 You want something fairly flat,

没有很多岩石以及尘土 not too rocky, not too dusty.

吉姆·赖斯博士 行星科学研究所

因为我们在进入火星大气层时 And because we use parachutes to help slow us down

利用降落伞来减速 in the entry into the Martian atmosphere,

海拔需要低一些 a little bit lower in elevation.

景色也是相当令人惊叹 And the views would be breathtaking, too.

水手谷是一个非常棒的地方 Valles Marineris is a great spot

就像地球上的科罗拉多大峡谷一样 because it's basically kind of like the Grand Canyon here,

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