BBC地平线 火星旅行者指南(Mars-A Traveller's Guide) 第07期


就是朝你运行的方向发射的火箭 so they're rockets that fire in the direction of travel.

这些制动火箭可以让你降低到 These retrorockets can bring it to a hover about a metre,

距地面一米到一点五米处 a metre and a half above the planet's surface,

之后你就可以走完那最后的一米 and then you can drop that final metre down onto the surface,

直到最终在火星表面着陆 until you're landing there on the surface of Mars.

这是一台铝制样机 This is an aluminium prototype.

而最终的火星生命探测计划将由碳纤维制成 But the final version of ExoMars will be made of carbon fibre,

一种强度极高 an incredibly tough,

具有热稳定性的轻质材料 lightweight material that is thermally stable -

这些都是安全着陆和任务成功必需的特质 all qualities needed for a safe landing and successful mission.

跟任何这样巨大的挑战一样 As with any really grand challenge like this,

火星车要成功通过 there's so many different stages

多个不同阶段 the rover has to go through successfully

整个任务才能算成功 for the whole mission to be declared a success.

我认为真正让人担心的事 I think the things that really are concerning

是那些你控制不了的事 are things that are completely out of your hands.

所以像火箭发射这种 So the rocket launch,

瞬间发生的事 it's one of those kind of split-second things

不是发射成功 就是在空中爆炸 that it's either going to work or it's going to go up in flames.

着陆同样也是 And then the landing as well

一件有挑战性的事 is another really challenging aspect

过去许多任务正是在这一步失败 and that's where a lot of missions have failed in the past,

所以当你确定着陆成功时 so definitely, when you get that safe landing confirmed,

你确实可以松一大口气 that's going to be a big relief.

像艾比一样的工程师 Engineers like Abbie

总有一天会设计出 will one day design vehicles

第一次带着人类登上火星的运载工具 to take the first human travellers to Mars.

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