BBC地平线 火星旅行者指南(Mars-A Traveller's Guide) 第05期


但我们还是得踏上火星的土地 but we really need to be on the ground,

从几米远的地方仔细勘探这些岩石 looking carefully at these rocks from a few metres away,

所以我们才要向火星派遣探测车 and that's why we send rovers to Mars.

探测车一旦着陆 Once the rover touched down,

就马上开始搜集更多的线索 it quickly began picking up more clues.

这些其实是 These are actually pebbles

直径几厘米的小石头 that are a few centimetres in diameter.

你如果观察它们的轮廓 就会发现 What you can see, when you look at the pebble outlines,

它们有部分是圆形 is that they have rounded shapes,

所以它们是在被移动的过程中被磨圆的 so they've been basically rounded during a transport process.

而它们又太大了 And they're too large to have been moved

不可能被风力移动和磨圆 and rounded by wind processes,

所以它们只可能是 and so the only way we can actually

被水流所磨圆的 get this rounding is by water flow.

我犹记得这张图像刚传回来的时候 And I remember when this image first came up and we were all

我们都围在一块巨大的屏幕前面观察 huddled around a giant screen looking at this,

事实上我们花了不少时间才醒悟过来 it actually took us a while to really hit home, oh, gosh,

这其实就是第一份 actually, this is the first evidence

从地面传回来的火星上存在过水流的证据 from on the ground of water flow on Mars.

这只是好奇号 This was just one in a long list of features

在这个陨击坑中发现的 Curiosity discovered within the crater

诸多类似地球上水流形成的地貌之一 that are reminiscent of features shaped by water here on Earth.

根据这些地质学证据 我认为 I think it's irrefutable that there was once water flowing

火星表面曾有水流这一理论是无可辩驳的 at the surface on Mars, based on the geological evidence.

探测车不仅向我们展示了火星表面的每个细节 Rovers haven't just shown us the surface of Mars in detail,

还证明了在火星着陆有多么困难 they've also shown us how difficult it is to land.

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