BBC地平线 无人驾驶汽车的黎明(Dawn Of The Driverless Car) 第04期


还需要制定很多法律法规 to get in place to get to the point

来保证一切可行 where this is actually viable.

我认为人们想要... I do think people want...

原则上 能够更轻松地 in principle, they want to be able to move around

到处移动 with less effort.

我觉得每个人都想这样 I think everybody wants that.

我不确定这跟福特公司说的要在2020年 I'm not sure that's what Ford is talking about when it says

发布一款无人驾驶车之类的是不是一回事 it's going to have a driverless car by 2020, or whatever it is.

听起来是很令人兴奋 It sounds exciting,

但是我觉得... but I think it's...

娜塔莎·莫兰特教授 利兹大学

最大的挑战是确保它能正常使用 I want to make sure it works, and that's the biggest challenge.

它会做该做的事情吗 Is it going to do what it's supposed to do?

我能相信它吗 Will I trust it?

不管未来路上最终会出现什么样的交通工具 Whatever eventually emerges onto the roads of tomorrow,

我们和自己可爱的四轮朋友的关系 the future looks bleak for the intimate relationship

看起来都不太可能像现在一样亲密了 we currently enjoy with our fine, four-fendered friends.

今天是哈里森人生中很重要的一天 This is a momentous day in Harrison's life.

今天他要去上他的第一节驾驶课了 Today he is having his first driving lesson.

我是17岁的时候学开车的 I learned to drive when I was 17.

我那时很紧张 I was quite nervous.

威尔·哈文 科技记者

我喜欢学开车 I loved learning to drive.

我期待了很久了 I'd been looking forward to it for quite a long time.

刚开始十五分钟我就已经失败了 I was failed pretty much about 15 minutes in

汤姆·摩根 好物电视台

因为我没给别人让路 for failing to give way to someone.

哈里森之前从来没想过要驾车 Harrison has never attempted to drive before,

但他现在已经跟他的新朋友 and now he's nailed the all-important selfie

拍了一张超棒的重要自拍 with his new best friend,

有很多事需要考虑 there's a lot to think about.

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