BBC纪录片《植物之歌》(How To Grow A Planet) 第03集 第25期


就是一种能量源 本质上来讲是食物 was the kind of energy source, essentially, the sustenance.

正是 它是世界历史的转折点 Exactly, exactly. It's a turning point in world history.

我还发现了一件很有趣的事 There's one last thing that I find intriguing.

我们的祖先一定会觉得 Our ancestors must have felt

他们是这种新植物的主人 that they were the masters of this new crop,

和我们现在对于农业的认识是一样的 in the same way that we still feel today about farming.

是我们在掌控着 You know, we are in control

这些我们种植和耕作的植物 of the plants that we grow and harvest.

但是站在小麦的角度再想想看 But think of it for a minute from the wheat's point of view.

这种植物 做了一件非常明智的事 I mean, here's a plant that's done something really clever.

那就是吸引一种动物 It's attracted an animal

来为它播种 来种植它 that's prepared to sow it, to nurture it,

保护它免受其他植物和食草动物伤害 to protect it from competitors and scavengers.

且它的传播只需靠别人的双手 It's also prepared to disperse its seed by hand

而它则不需要做任何事 without the plant having to do a single thing.

所以话又说回来 究竟是谁利用谁啊 So, it begs the question, who's using who?

人类现在已经发明出 Human beings had now invented

一种控制植物的方法 a way of harnessing the power of plants

而这一经发明便不会再被弃用 and once invented it could never be reversed

因为农业让我们人类 because farming allowed us

以更大的团体而群居 to come together in bigger and bigger groups,

这样才能建造村落 小镇 直到都市 to build villages, towns, and eventually cities.

一个曾经由森林和恐龙统治的星球 A world once dominated by forests and dinosaurs

变成了由人类及人造物统治的星球 had given way to a world of our own making.

我一直惊叹于植物一直以来改变地球的方式 I've always been fascinated by how our planet changes over time,

植物横跨了四十五亿年的地球历史 over the four and a half billion years of Earth history.

还作出了那些令人震惊的改变 And what's astounding is how important plants have been

它们把死气沉沉的岩石 in changing that original lifeless rock

变成这如今生机勃勃的我们的星球 into this vital and vibrant world that we live in today.

我们的家园 Our home.

在《植物之歌》系列中我们看到了 Over this series we've seen

植物是如何给我们制造氧气的 how plants gave us the oxygen and the atmosphere.

见证了花朵是如何把这死气沉沉的世界 We've watched as the rise of flowers painted a drab world

变得五彩斑斓的 with brilliant colour.

还发现了植物是如何改变动物王国的 And we've discovered how plants shape the animal kingdom.

而对于我们人类来说 And, for us, the humble

这些微不足道的草本植物竟是最重要的 grasses play the most important role of all.

它们促成了我们由猿向人的转变 They drove the rise of our apelike ancestors

并且最终指引人类走向文明的曙光 and ultimately triggered the birth of civilisation.

是植物造就了我们人类及我们的家园 Plants made us and the world we live in.

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