BBC地平线 长生不老(Don't Grow Old) 第15期


来坐一会儿 We're going to sit you on the chair.

意识到很多部位的衰老 It's just the realisation that things that go wrong

也是一个过程 因为我看着妈妈慢慢变老 are part of a process, because I mean I'm watching mum ageing.

我不想比妈妈更长命 真的 I don't want to be older than Mum gets, really.

不过我会愿意活到她这个年龄 I would like to live to that age, though.

人是否能健康地活到很老呢 What if you could have a long life and a healthy one?

有一个科学家认为这是可能的 One scientist thinks you can.

比尔·安德鲁医生生活工作在内达华的沙漠里 Dr Bill Andrews, living and working in the Nevada desert,

他相信存在某个根本原因导致了衰老 believes there is a fundamental cause of ageing,

并且我们可以设法防止 and that we can deal with it.

我今年58岁 'Well, I'm 58 years old.

我不觉得自己有58岁 希望永远不会觉得 'I don't feel 58 and I hope I never feel that age.'

我很沉迷于努力尝试使自己 I'm obsessed with trying to make certain that I'm around

比尔·安德鲁 塞拉科学

活到500年以后 500 years from now.

每天 包括今天 我都在思索 And every day, today, I've got to be thinking about that,

尽我所能实现这个目标 doing whatever I can to do it.

比尔的动力是他父亲说过的一句话 What drives Bill is something his father once said to him.

我小的时候 他告诉我长大以后 When I was a little kid, he told me to grow up,

要成为医生 找到抵抗衰老的方法 become a doctor and cure ageing.

这后来成了我一生的追求 That's been just something I've been focused on my entire life.

我记得他说 I remember he said,

为什么到现在也没人找到抵抗衰老的方法 "How come nobody's figured out a cure for ageing yet?"

他不喜欢变老 He didn't like the fact that he was growing old,

所以他说 "比尔 你应该去研究这个" so he said, "Bill, you should go and do it."

这就是我一直在做的 And that's what I've been doing.

比尔的父亲今年82岁 Bill's father, now 82,

密切关注着他儿子的工作 keeps in close touch with his son's work.

他还是对延长寿命充满激情 He's still just as passionate about a long life.

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