BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第06集 第31期


最近一次检查清洁姬姬 So, when was the last time that Chi-Chi was sort of checked out

是什么时候 and cleaned and all the rest of it?

很久之前了 It was a very long time ago.

说实话 我们也不能完全确定 To be honest, we're not entirely sure.

-你也不知道 -我也不知道 所以... - So you don't really know. - I don't really know, so...

所以我们是这么久以来的第一次 So we could be the first for a long, long time.

-对 -玻璃已经移开了 - Yep. - So glass is out.

哇 玻璃移开了 我们可以伸手进去了 Ooh! Glass is out, and here we are.

我已经铺好布了 Right, so I've put the sheets down.

看着有点像泰迪熊在野餐 Looks like a Teddy Bears' picnic.

只需要再加点果酱三明治了 下一步干什么 Just need some jam sandwiches. What's next?

是竹子三明治吧 Bamboo sandwiches, maybe.

你帮我画一个姬姬的草图 Well, what I need you to do is just do an outline of Chi-Chi.

-你想要我画头熊 -是的 - You want me to draw the bear? - I want you to draw the bear.

你不用画得太细 You don't have to do too much detail,

大概能让我们在上面记录 but it's just really so we can note on...

也不需要画得很像吧 It doesn't have to be like it too much, does it?

但得画出耳朵 有大致的轮廓 But you need to get the ears and general shape round the side,

方便我们在上面标记 just so we can mark on...

好的 我先画耳朵 OK. I'll do some ears.

差不多是这样 Sort of goes like that.

听好了 这可要 Now remember, this is going to

-永远保存到档案里的 -是嘛 - be kept for all time in the archive. - Oh, will it?

太棒了 它有牙齿的吧 等等 This is great. It's got some teeth, hasn't it? Hang on.

另一只手也画好了 It's got another arm, like that.

我画完了 接下来呢 And then I'm done. So...

行 这就行了 Ah. Er, yes, that'll do.

-太好玩了 -你知道世界自然基金会的图标 - That's brilliant! - You know that Chi-Chi was

是根据姬姬设计的吗 supposedly the inspiration for the World Wildlife Fund logo?

我觉得那个设计和你画的差不多 I think the design was slightly different.

我们的使命 就是尽全力研究 Our job is to do what we can with the collections

并确保这些展品 and to make sure that we pass

能完好地传给下一代 them on to the next generation in good condition.

对世界的认识 An understanding of the world,

任何种族的未来 the future of an individual species,

甚至是人类的前程 even the future of humanity itself

总有一天 会受到 could, some day, be influenced

这迷宫般博物馆中浩瀚藏品的影响 by the items stored in the labyrinth of this museum.

因为这是全世界 And because this is one of the

最伟大的自然历史博物馆之一 greatest natural-history collections on earth,

我丝毫不怀疑 今后百年间 I don't doubt that in another 100 years,

本世纪某些最伟大的观点 some of this century's greatest ideas

会诞生在这里 will be sparked right here at

这座自然历史博物馆 生命的博物馆 the Natural History Museum, the museum of life.

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