BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第06集 第30期


观察这些藏品 感觉相当美妙 these are really beautiful things to look at.

我一直觉得 I mean, I often think

它们像彩色的玻璃窗 they look very much like stained-glass windows, actually.

有的陨石含有大量碳元素 Some meteorites have actually got quite a lot of carbon in them,

其中一些碳是以氨基酸的形式存在的 and some of that carbon is in the form of amino acids.

而氨基酸是生命的重要成分 Now, amino acids are a crucial ingredient for life,

我们知道 在地球形成的最初几亿年中 and we know that the earth was bombarded by meteorites and comets

经受着各种陨石和慧星的撞击 over the first few hundred million years of its existence,

很多人 包括我自己 and a lot of people, including myself,

都认为这些陨石 believe that these meteorites

给地球生命的起源 actually provided the chemical building blocks

带来了化学方面的基础 for life to start on earth.

生命可能起源于太空 I mean, it's mind-blowing

想想都很让人兴奋 to think that maybe life originated from space.

每件藏品 Every item in the collection

都是地球生命起源故事的一小部分 is a small part of the story of life on earth.

每件藏品都很珍贵 Each piece is precious,

为了保护它们 and every one is checked from time to time

相关人员会不时对其进行检查 as part of its conservation.

最容易检查的是那些正展出的藏品 The easiest to monitor are those on display,

任何变化都能很快被发现 as any change is quickly noticed.

熊猫姬姬坐在博物馆的咖啡店附近 Chi-Chi the panda now sits with a view of the museum's cafe

她是博物馆最受欢迎的展品之一 and is one of the most recognised exhibits in the museum.

又是这只熊猫 It's that panda again.

对啊 It is that panda.

但就算是最受欢迎的藏品 But even the most popular items

也时不时需要详细的检查 occasionally need a close inspection.

在游客离去后 动物馆馆长路易斯·汤普赛特 After the public have gone, zoology curator Louise Thompset

就会对英国最有名的熊猫 has arranged to monitor and record the condition

进行检查 并记录在案 of Britain's best-known panda.

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