BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第06集 第29期


形成了碎片 碎片漂浮在太空中 blasted material off, that's floated round in space,

部分碎片 and then some of that material's

穿过了地球大气层 come through earth's atmosphere,

跌落到地球上 成为陨石 hit the earth and landed as a meteorite.

这块陨石叫帕纳里 Well, this meteorite is called Parnallee,

如果你1857年身在印度 and if you'd been around in India in 1857, when this fell,

你会目睹它的坠落 you would have seen this

流星划过天际般 形成壮观的巨大火球 spectacular fireball which is like a sort of mega shooting star.

这实际上是岩石造成的 That's actually caused by the rock,

它经过大气层时 because it's coming through the atmosphere,

速度极快 it's going so quickly,

以至于岩石表面异常炎热 it get so hot that the surface of the rock,

岩石中的矿物质开始融化 the minerals within this rock, actually begin to melt,

就形成了巨大的火球 and that's what forms this spectacular fireball.

你可以看到 它的外壳乌黑 You can see on the outside this very, very black crust, and

这就是陨石近期坠落的证明 this is a very, very good indicator of a freshly fallen meteorite.

我们也有来自小行星带的陨石 We've got meteorites from the asteroid belt,

这些陨石有些年头了 and these are the meteorites that are the really old meteorites.

它们存有太阳系形成时 These are the ones that keep all of that information of the processes and

所发生一切过程的全部信息 the conditions that were happening just as the solar system was forming,

时间胶囊: 用以贮藏物品 与未来人沟通

所以它们就像是时间胶囊 so they're like little time capsules,

像是通往过去的时间窗口 little windows back in time,

能让我们回到四十六亿年前 to be able to go 4.6 billion years ago to find out

了解太阳系形成之初所发生的一切 what was happening when the solar system was first forming,

而我对此非常兴奋 and that, for me, is just mind-blowing.

陨石既能告诉我们它们有何成分 As well as telling us what they're made out of

还能告诉我们它们是怎样形成的 and being able to give us information about how they formed,

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