BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第06集 第27期


申诉成功了 The appeal worked, and

他的兵役被延缓到1944年 he was relieved of his war duty until 1944.

一年后 这些收藏完好运回了博物馆 A year later, the collections were safely returned to the museum.

尽管此后弗雷瑟-布鲁纳 Although Fraser-Brunner went on to a long

仍长期在科学界工作 表现杰出 and distinguished career in science,

他1986年逝世时 when he died in 1986,

与二战期间的无数英雄一样 he did so as just one of the millions

他一直默默无闻 of unsung heroes created by the Second World War.

虽然他未在前线浴血奋战 For while he wasn't fighting on the front line,

他仍贡献巨大 his role as protector and custodian

守护并管理了这两万五千多个重要标本 of those 25,000 irreplaceable specimens

博物馆乃至整个科学界 was something for which the museum and

都将永远对他的贡献心存感激 the wider scientific community will be eternally grateful.

标本是博物馆的起源 Specimens are the origins of the museum

也与博物馆的未来息息相关 and they will be central to its future.

最新的一项倡议提出 The latest initiative not only

不仅将标本展出 还应让参观者 puts specimens on display but allows visitors to hear

在全新的"大卫·艾登堡"剧院内 the latest thinking through daily talks

通过日常交流了解最新的科学进展 in a newly-opened theatre named after Sir David Attenborough.

我在之前的节目中遇到了大卫爵士 I met Sir David earlier in the series

并借机询问他 and took the opportunity to ask him

他认为博物馆的前景如何 what he sees as the role of the museum in the future.

我不觉得它会有所变化 Well, I don't see any reason why it should particularly change.

它还是会有... It will always have...

这种博物馆总会有需要 有义务 A museum like this will always have a need, a duty

让公众见识馆中藏品 to allow the public to see what these things are.

毕竟 是公众纳税维持着博物馆的运作 It's the public's money, after all, that supports it.

但博物馆还会继续这类研究 But it will also go on having this kind of research,

因为馆中的藏品 because the things it has here,

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