BBC地平线 你喝多了吗(Do I Drink Too Much) 第30期


我的一个同事提出了一个激进的主意 A colleague of mine has come up with a seriously radical idea.

他想设计一种替代药物 以便根除酒精 He wants to eliminate alcohol to design an alternative drug

这种药物可以简单地加到软饮料中 one that you could simply add to a soft drink.

但和酒精不同的是它不会让你上瘾 But the difference is itwould not be addictive

不会伤害你的大脑和身体 it would not harm your brain or your body.

你会得到和饮酒一样的收益 Youd get all the benefits of drink

而没有任何危险 without the danger.

如果这种药能起作用 If his drug works

那么下一代 将永远不再去接触酒精了 ideally the next generation of children will never even touch alcohol.

他还处在研究阶段 而我打算去做个尝试 He's in the research stage and Im going be part of the experiment.

大卫 我时常听说酒精是如此危险 David I've sometimes heard it said alcohol is so damned dangerous

如果现在发现了这种危险 that if it was discovered today

酒精就应该被禁止 it would be banned.

毫无疑问是这么回事 That is undoubtedly the case.

我们现在禁止毒品 We are currently banning drugs

其实毒品和酒精很相近 that are very similar to alcohol

像羟基丁酸 丁内酯 丁二醇 like GHB GBL butanediol.

它们等同于酒精 是镇静药物 These are all alcohol equivalents sedating drugs

一旦过量服用就会非常危险 which are very dangerous in overdose.

它们有的已经被禁止了 有的将要禁止 Those are banned or being banned

我毫不怀疑如果酒精现在才被发现 and I've no doubt if alcohol was discovered today

它肯定会被药物滥用法规所控制 it would be controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

如果我打算吃这个类似酒精 If Im going to take this similar

但不完全相同的合成药物 but not identical compound

我会有什么感觉 what am I gonna experience?

我不想现在给你什么提示 Well Im not gonna give you any suggestions.

我想让你自己来了解用药以后的感觉 I want you to see how you feel on the drug.OK.

我想让你在整个过程中自己感受 然后 I want you to reflect during the process and afterwards

再和喝酒的感觉来比较 how it compares with alcohol.

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