BBC地平线 你喝多了吗(Do I Drink Too Much) 第29期


处在比以往更重要的位置 much more at centre stage than previously.

你会不断的想着它 You constantly think about it.

醒来时想着它 睡觉时想着它 Wake up -you're thinking about it. Asleep -you're thinking about it.

那时候你喝的多频繁 喝的量多大 I don't think it strikes you at the time

也不可能停下来 how often you're drinking and how much you are

直到你想戒掉 until you try to stop.

我就是这样 我尝试过戒掉 Thats what happened to me -I tried to stop.

我不能控制自己了 I m not in control no more.

我不能站起来了 所以 I m not able to get up so...

我知道饮酒已经让我 I knew what the drink was making me...

让我... 怎么说呢 Its making me... How can I put it?

对它有了依赖 Dependent on it.

我开始依赖酒精 I' m starting to become dependent

我以前说过我永远不会上瘾 and something I said I would never be

但是我慢慢变得依赖它了 I'm slowly becoming.

饮酒的量也慢慢改变 What also starts to slowly change

你需要喝的更多以便得到同样的效果 is the amount youd need to drink to get the same effect.

酒鬼不是一夜间产生的 An alcoholic isnt just created overnight.

酒量似乎是在数年间悄悄的增加 It seems to take years of subtle incremental changes.

我父亲的情况就是如此 That was really what happened in the case of my father.

变化是随着时间的流逝逐渐发生的 Changes occurred gradually over time.

他喝的酒越来越多 越来越集中 His drinking became more and more intensive

持续 麻烦也越来越多 and sustained and problematic.

没有人一开始就想变成酒鬼 No-one sets out to be an alcoholic

他当然也不会 and he certainly didnt.

但一切还是发生了 It just happened.

酒精是如此危险的毒品 Alcohol is SUCH a dangerous drug.

已经有7%的英国人表现出酒精依赖迹象 Already 7% of UK adults are showing signs of dependency

并且在不到10年的时间里 and in less than a decade

我们由于酗酒而被送进医院的人数 the number of us going to hospital because of drink

已经上升了70% has gone up 70%.

那么我们究竟是否应该喝酒 So should we even drink at all?

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