ESL面试英语问答 第30期


听力文本如下: presents "Interview Questions Answered," episode three.

She is talking about her accomplishments here; she's talking about the things she has done at her current company,and one of those things was to get a foothold for the company in the larger market-in the larger field.

She ends her answer by saying that she's confident she can bring her "proven skills in management, development, and technology to succeed in your organization."

So, she summarizes what her main qualifications are and emphasizes that they are a good match for this company.

Now let's listen to the answer, this time at a normal speed.

This company is an industry leader and is at the forefront of exciting new developments in this field.

Its mission to change the way consumers get and send information is, I believe, where the biggest areas of growth are in the industry.

Based on the company's financials and its general performance in the past year, Lotadoe is poised to take over as one of the top suppliers of online service in the world.

I have read about the company's many future projects that are designed to move the company forward toward achieving its mission.

I want to be part of this company because I believe I can be part of that growth.

In the past several years, I have led a number of innovative projects along the same lines as the current direction of this company.

By doing this, I was able to help my current company get a foothold in the market.

I'm confident that I can bring my proven skills in management, development, and technology to succeed in your organization.

Let's listen now to another answer for the question: " Why do you want to work here?"

There are several reasons why I want to work for this company.

First, I was impressed with the backgrounds of the founders and their vision for this company.

Their innovative thinking is, I believe, in line with the best thinking in the field right now.

Your company also has one of the best reputations in the industry for innovative thinking and taking serious corporate responsibility for making a difference in the local communities.

As I learned more about the company and its growth potential, it became clear to me that I may be able to make a significant contribution to its goals.

Since I have been working for the past five years as a successful marketing strategist, I believe I can bring those skills and the knowledge I've gained to help the organization reach its mission to become an industry leader.

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