ESL面试英语问答 第29期


听力文本如下: presents "Interview Questions Answered," episode three.

She then answers the question by saying, "I have read about the company's many future projects that are designed to move the company forward"-to increase or grow the company -"toward achieving its mission. I want to be part of this company because I believe I can be part of that growth."

Once again, she shows that she did her research; she knows what the company wants to do in the future.

She's looked at the newspaper, she's looked at the company's website, and she says I want to be part of that increasing growth-I want to be part of the company's new projects.

She then talks a little bit about her own experience, and the reason you want to talk about your experience is you want to show the interviewer that your experience matches or is a good fit for what the company needs.

She says, "In the past several years, I have led a number of innovative projects along the same lines as the current direction of this company."

She says that she has led or been the leader of a number of innovative projects.

Innovative, "innovative," is the same as new or unique or creative.

American companies want people who can be creative, who can think of new things,

and so she's saying that I have been part of these innovative or new creative projects along the same lines as the company's current direction-the way the company is moving.

The expression along the same lines, "lines," as, means the same as similar to or related to.

You may be talking to someone and you say, "Well, along these same lines, I want to mention something else," meaning this is rel ated to the same topic.

In this interview answer, she's saying that her interests-her experience-are similar to the kinds of things the company will need in the future.

She continues by saying that she was able to help her "current company get a foothold in the market."

A foothold, "foothold," (all one word) is the same as a good position-a place where you enter-a place where you start.

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