ESL面试英语问答 第28期


听力文本如下: presents "Interview Questions Answered," episode three.

Remember, growth is the same as getting larger, increasing, expanding-those are all related to this idea of growth.

When we talk about growth in the company, we mean it's getting bigger or getting larger

So, she's interested in this company because it's in an area of high growth, we would say.

Then she indicates or she shows the interviewer that she has done her research-she has looked at this company.

She says, "Based on the company's financials and its general performance in the past year, Lotadoe is poised to take over as one of the top suppliers of online service in the world."

She begins by saying that "Based on the company's financials," it will continue to grow.

Financials for a company, and notice that the word is plural, are the financial statements

the information that says how much money the company made-how much their profit was, how much they earned, how much they got and how much they spent-those are financials.

So, she's looked at the company's financials and its general performance in the last year.

Performance, "performance," is how well a person or an organization or a company does something.

You can have employee performance; you can have company performance.

Here, she's talking about how well the company has performed, to use the verb.

Because of the company's performance-because of how it has done, she says it is "poised to take over as one of the top suppliers in the world."

The verb, to be poised, "poised," to something-to do something-means that they are in the position to-they are ready to.

They haven't done it yet, but they are almost there.

So, when a company is poised to do something, it's ready to do something.

In this case, the company is poised to takeover or to become one of the best companies in its field.

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