X星球系列故事 第18期:Catching a thief


Catching a Thief 追贼

Witty Hare can run very fast. One day,when he gets home. He sees a rat. The rat is jumping down his window. “Oh. A thief!” Witty Hare shouted and catches the rat, “You can’t run faster then me.” Soon Witty Hare catches up with the rat, and the rat is left behind, “I must run away,’ the rat says and laughs, “He is so silly.”

Witty Hare goes on running. A sheep sees him and asks him, “What a re you doing?” “I’m catching the thief.” Witty Hare says. “ Thief? Where’s the thief?” the sheep fells surprised. “He’s behind me ,”Witty Hare says proudly.

聪明兔跑得很快。一天,他回到家的时候看见一只老鼠。这只老鼠正从他家的窗户跳下去。“啊! 有贼!”聪明兔叫喊着追过去。 “你跑不过我的!” 不一会他追上了老鼠,还把老鼠落在后面。“我得赶紧逃。”老鼠窃笑着说:“这家伙真笨。”

聪明兔继续跑着。一只绵羊看到了就问他:“你在干什么?”“我在追贼。”聪明兔说。“贼?贼在哪里啊?”绵羊感到很奇怪。 “它在我后面呢。”聪明兔骄傲的说。

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