BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第04集 第16期


这些有趣生物背后的秘密 the secrets of these intriguing creatures,

他们相信答案就藏在蛋里 and they believed the answers lay inside their eggs.

于是在1911年 三个英国人 So in 1911 three Brits -

爱德华·威尔逊 Edward Wilson,

艾普斯利·切利-加兰和亨利·鲍尔斯 Apsley Cherry-Garrard and Henry Bowers-

启程探险 这场旅程后被记录成书 set out on a journey that later became known

《历劫余生》 as "The Worst Journey in the World."

2006年 我有幸随一支探险队 In 2006 I was part of a team

启程南极 that attempted a polar adventure

身着爱德华时代探险者的衣物 using only the clothing and equipment

携带那个时代的设备 that would have been available to the Edwardian explorers.

我觉得简直要崩溃了 真的 I just sort of feel everything falling to pieces, really.

我脚上都是水泡 一走就痛 I've now got blisters all over my feet

除此之外还有冻疮 which are painful aside from the frost nip,

不过我只是抱怨一下 毕竟都不算严重 which I'm just being a baby about because it's not serious

不需要割掉 它们只不过 and it's not like they need to be amputated, they just...

只不过很痛 they just hurt a lot.

我意识到 极地求生艰难得难以想象 I discovered how unbelievably hard it is to survive at the poles,

况且我们是在夏天出行 yet while my expedition took place in the summer,

而切利-加兰 威尔逊和鲍尔斯 Cherry-Garrard, Wilson and Bowers

旅程目的是得到帝企鹅的蛋 were determined to return with the eggs of the Emperor Penguins,

这意味着他们要在繁殖季赶到 which meant they had to go out

那可是极地之冬 in the laying season - the middle of winter,

整个南极洲长夜无光 a time when the Antarctic is in permanent darkness.

道格拉斯·罗素负责管理蛋藏 Douglas Russell is curator of the egg collection,

他熟知威尔逊 鲍尔斯和切利-加兰 and he's been looking into the extraordinary story

当年的极地旅程 of Wilson, Bowers and Cherry-Garrard.

这是他们带回来的三枚蛋 These are the three eggs that were collected.

三个探险家穿越140英里 The three explorers set out with a 140 mile journey

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