BBC地平线 笑的科学(The Science of Laughter) 第25期


当时我正在看另一个人 I had my eye on somebody else at that time.

-真的吗 -真的 - Oh, really? - Yes, I did.

我不知道这事 Oh, I didn't know that.

因此很明显 So, the message is pretty clear.

民间传统说 Folklore has it that laughter

笑容能牵起两人的缘分 may well ignite romantic attachment.

科学则显示 如果你想通过一段时间的热恋 But science says, if you want to make it past infatuation,

进入长期的幸福关系 and enjoy a long and happy relationship,

那么你最好多笑笑 you better carry on laughing.

这是段很有趣的影片 That was an interesting film.

每对在家里观看的情侣终于见到了 Finally, what every couple watching at home wants to see

用科学证明他们的恋情 a scientific way of determining exactly

到底有多在劫难逃 how doomed their relationship is.

干得好 科学家们 Well done, science.

所以 那些一起笑的情侣真的就一直在一起吗 So, do couples that laugh together really stay together?

这其中 One of the important things

很重要的一件事 事实上 that kind of comes out of that, actually,

在一起笑能够 I think, is that laughing together actually

提高内啡肽在脑中的产量 ramps up the endorphin production in the brain,

事实上是产量加倍 it actually doubles it, in effect.

我们并不知道这其中的原理 We don't understand why, we have no idea why,

但似乎我们的身体构造就是如此设计的 but it's almost as though the system is designed

增长脑中的内啡肽 to give you this sort of real boost.

鼓励你和别人一起笑 To encourage you to laugh with other people?

-没错 -买两张票 - Yeah, yeah. Yeah. - Buy two tickets.

所以笑能释放内啡肽 So, its sort of functionality is it releases endorphins

让人感觉良好 and that feels good,

但它同时也是一种人和人交流的方式 but also it's a form of communication in and of itself?

没错 而且它让你能调控自己的情绪 Yeah, and it lets you, together, regulate your emotions,

因为只有两人同时笑时才有用 cos it only works if both of you do it.

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