BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第04集 第10期


我约见了马克·斯宾塞 斯隆收藏的管理员 I met up with Mark Spencer, keeper of the Sloane Collection.

这太惊人了 你好吗 Wow, this is incredible. How are you doing?

很好 谢谢你 你好 Very well, thank you. Hello.

令人惊叹 这里一共有多少册藏品 Look, it's amazing. How many volumes have you got?

大约有260册属于 There are about 260 volumes belonging to...

1687年 汉斯·斯隆登上了一条 In 1687, Hans Sloane joined a ship

开往西印度群岛的船 heading to the West Indies.

他将所见之物一一收集并研究 He collected and studied everything he could find,

其中包括许多未有科学记载的新物种 including many species new to science.

1753年汉斯·斯隆爵士去世后 On the death of Sir Hans Sloane in 1753,

他将自己的大量藏品赠予国家 he bequeathed his collections, which were huge, to the nation,

而这些藏品也是本博物馆 大英图书馆 and they form the basis of this Museum, the British Library,

以及卢布姆斯伯里的大英博物馆的创立之基 and The British Museum in Bloomsbury,

所以它们影响全球 so they're of international importance.

那他为什么要做这些收藏呢 So why did he make these collections?

斯隆真真正正地走出了国门 Sloane was really going out into the world

一部分是去看 partly to go and actually see

他刚在牙买加继承的奴隶农园 his slave plantations which he'd just inherited in Jamaica,

同时也是去观赏大千世界 but also to really look at the world.

他醉心于自然和自然历史 He was fascinated in nature and natural history,

早年他就已经在英格兰 he'd already been collecting plant specimens in England

收集植物标本了 when he was a younger man,

所以这确实是他与生俱来的兴趣 so it really was in his blood.

但也有一些不得已的原因 But it was also done for hard reasons,

他需要维持生计并树立声誉 he was out to make a living and to make his reputation.

一份了不起的收藏正在我们眼前 We're really looking, one, at a fantastic collection,

而它也是本博物馆之心 but really the heart of the museum.

绝对是 而且是颗绝妙的心 Yes, absolutely, and it's a fabulous heart.

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