BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第04集 第07期


看到它你是不是很兴奋 So are you quite excited to see it?

是啊 非常兴奋 Yeah, really excited. I mean, we...

三年前我们就得到了它 we kind of got it about three years ago

从最初的防腐措施完成之后 and we haven't really seen it

就没有仔细地观察过 since the initial preservation stages.

很期待能看看它 So, yeah, looking forward to seeing it.

这个生物是被英国南极调查局的一艘船 This creature was hauled aboard a ship

无意中打捞上来的 run by the British Antarctic Survey.

现在它已经过处理 状态稳定 Having been preserved and stabilised,

乔恩·阿布莱特可以仔细地观察一下了 it's time for Jon Ablett to have a close-up look.

真重啊 Whoa, that's heavy!

这是众多藏品中最奇特的一个 This is one of the strangest and

也是我们最不了解的生物 least understood creatures in the collection.

打开它 Unwrap it...

我的天 Oh, my lord!

这是个怪物 It's a monster!

我们称之为巨型乌贼 This is what we call a colossal squid Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni and,

我们认为它们是最大的无脊椎动物 yeah, we think these are the biggest invertebrate,

现存的最大乌贼 the biggest squid species, there is in the world today.

看看它的吸盘 看这里 有个钩子 Look at the suckers! Look at this, look, there's the hook!

是的 它就是被这个钩子抓住的 Yeah, that's the hook that he got caught on,

我们还没来得及把它取下来 still haven't had a chance to remove it yet.

看 这些吸盘里长了牙齿 Look, there's teeth in those suckers!

它们用牙齿抓住猎物不放 These is what they'd use to hold onto the prey with,

当它们抓到鱼或其他猎物 so when they've grabbed fish or squid anything else they're eating

就可以紧紧抓住 使猎物无法逃脱 they can really dig-in and the prey won't get away.

这会把猎物撕成碎片 是不是 That would rip you up, wouldn't it?

这触手又粗又长 And this long, great big long arm,

像是被解剖的外星人 it feels like one of those alien autopsies.

这是一条长触手 This is one of the tentacles,

这个品种的奇特之处在于 and the strange thing about this species is

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