BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第02集 第30期


这个先进的机械动物模型 This state-of-the-art animatronics model

每周吸引五万名游客 gets up to 50,000 visitors a week,

是博物馆最受欢迎的展品 easily making it the most popular exhibit in the museum.

在这能看得到它在看什么 So you can actually see what he's looking at.

现在多半是程序控制着它 Presumably it's programmed to look for

去找最害怕的小孩 对吧 the most frightened poor little child, is it?

也可能是找最胖的 And probably the plumpest one as well.

看谁比较好吃 Any tasty morsel will do!

小心头 Mind your head.

但强大如霸王龙也需要精心照料 But even a mighty T Rex needs a bit of TLC,

被吓坏的小孩一一回家 几小时后 and long after the last frightened child has gone home,

约翰要开始给霸王龙治病了 it's John's chance to do a bit of first aid.

他似乎进行了一场恶战 It looks like he's been in a bad fight.

还不算太糟 我们可以补好 It's not too bad, though, we can patch it up.

但现在是凌晨三点 相当冷 But it's three o'clock in the morning and freezing cold,

我有时会想 我这是为了什么 但这很值 I do wonder what I'm doing this for, but it's worth it...

看到游客的表情就会感觉很值得吧 But then seeing everyone's faces must make it worth it?

是的 Oh, yes.

你觉得霸王龙 Why do you think that T Rex

为什么让大家这么感兴趣 has captured everyone's imagination so?

它是最大的恐龙之一 It's one of the largest dinosaurs,

血染的獠牙 凶悍的长相 especially the teeth and blood and the guts,

种种特质 吸引了孩子们 and something the children can identify with.

那才是重点 And that's the point,

因为对于孩子们和我 because it doesn't really matter what the experts say,

专家的说法并不重要 to kids everywhere - me included -

重要的是 霸王龙完美地满足了 T Rex perfectly fulfils all our expectations

我们对于真正怪兽的想象 of what a true monster should be.

化石记录不仅颠覆我们对于过去的看法 The fossil record not only challenges our view of the past,

还给我们带来 关于未来的警告 it's also giving us stark warnings for the future.

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