BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第01集 第06期


各种有趣的关系 between the tortoises and the plants.

自一开始 陆龟就会避开幼树 Right from the start, the tortoises avoid eating saplings

死盯着最耐寒的成熟植物吃 and stuck to the hardiest adult plants

它们被吃掉几片叶也不会死 which can survive a few munched leaves.

这只块头最大 Oh, the biggest of the bunch.

小心别被它咬伤 Be careful he doesn't bite you.

亚达伯拉象龟的天性 The Aldabra tortoises' natural instincts

与本地植被契合良好 相处和谐 and the native vegetation worked in perfect harmony.

我们找到了一些陆龟的大便 它们正在分解 We've got some tortoises poo there, that's decomposing,

我们在其中找到了很多乌木苗的种子 and out of it we've got lots of seeds of young ebonies.

这促进了各种原生植物的萌芽生长 Well, that's encouraging germination of the native plants.

有趣的是 What's interesting is that

之前 罕见乌木种子发芽 before we were seeing very little germination,

而陆龟在整个岛上散播种子的同时 and yet the tortoises spread the seeds around the island

也提高了种子发芽率 and they enhanced the germination.

卡尔的实验收获颇丰 Karl's experiment has paid off spectacularly.

效果绝对堪称完美 It's working absolutely perfectly,

我们一直认为会有效果 and, you know, we always thought it would work,

但未曾料到 效果会这么好 but we never thought it would work quite so well.

如释重负了吧 You must be relieved.

不仅是如释重负 事实上 We're not only relieved, but we've actually

我们还找到了维护当地植物的办法 now found the answer to managing a lot of the vegetation.

没有陆龟 Without tortoises

将会有一系列的植物因此灭绝 there's a whole suite of plants that would just become extinct.

觉得怎么样 景色不错吧 What do you think of that, isn't that wonderful?

美不胜收 It's gorgeous.

渡渡鸟灭绝之前 毛里求斯就是这般景观 This is what it would have looked like when there were dodo's here.

渡渡鸟也许是灭亡了 The dodo may be gone,

但它们赖以生存的乌木林却获得了新生 but the ebony forests that were once its home are fighting back.

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