BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第01集 第05期


它们会带着果实离开其生长地 walked away from the parent plant

食用后排泄 将种子散落各地 and disperse these seeds everywhere,

因此随着陆龟渐渐消失 so the plants must have suffered

这些植物的处境变得艰难起来 when these tortoises disappeared.

看起来 灭绝的陆龟 The extinct tortoise seems to be

不仅是乌木林能否存活的关键 pivotal to the survival of the ebony forest

也是整个毛里求斯原始生态恢复的关键 and the ancient habitat of Mauritius.

朱利安的这一发现启发了一个人 And Julian's discovery has inspired one man

他要重建渡渡鸟的失地 to attempt what seems impossible,

这件事听来像是痴人说梦 to re-build the lost land of the dodo.

卡尔·琼斯是著名的环境保护学家 Karl Jones is a renowned conservationist.

眼下 他在毛岛附近的一座小岛上 Karl is conducting an extraordinary experiment

主持一个非同寻常的实验 on a small island off the coast of Mauritius,

通过引进巨型陆龟 to restore the ancient habitat

来还原它的原始生态环境 simply by re-introducing giant tortoises.

来自塞舌尔的亚达伯拉象龟 Modern Aldabra tortoises from the Seychelles

逐渐取代了它们已灭绝的毛里求斯同类 are taking the place of their extinct Mauritian counterparts.

生态系统中只要有物种灭绝 就会出现缺口 If you've lost species from an ecosystem, they leave a gap,

因为一个物种不仅是一个分类单位 and a species isn't just a taxonomic unit,

还在生态系统中扮演重要角色 it actually fulfils an ecological role,

我当时就想 我们应该引进 and I thought, We should bring back species

功能相同或相似的物种 that could fulfil the same or similar roles

来填补灭绝物种的空缺 to extinct species.

它就是冲着摄像师去的 It's definitely going for the cameraman.

你引进陆龟时 最担心的是什么 What was your biggest fear when you introduced the tortoises?

当然最担心它们会吃掉所有珍稀植物 The biggest fear was that they'd eat all the very rare plants, of course,

但其实 我知道它们不会那么干 but, you know, deep down I realised that they wouldn't

其实 我们还发现了陆龟与植物之间 and we'd actually unveiled all sorts of interesting interactions

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