MANCHESTER, England — At least one explosion thundered through a Manchester concert arena on Monday night just as a performance by the pop star Ariana Grande ended in what the police desCRIbed as a “terrorist incident.” They said at least 19 people were killed and 50 wounded as panicked spectators including children screamed and fled.

英国曼彻斯特——星期一晚上,流行歌手阿丽亚娜·格兰德(Ariana Grande)在曼彻斯特体育场的演唱会结束之际,发生了至少一起爆炸。警方称之为“恐怖主义事件“,他们表示至少有19人遇害,50人受伤,包括许多孩子在内的现场观众恐慌不已,尖叫并四处逃散。

There was no immediate word from the police on the precise cause of the blast but it immediately evoked the terrorist?attacks in Paris?in November of 2015, which included a deadly assault inside a concert arena where the Eagles of Death Metal had been playing.

警方暂时并未说明爆炸发生的确切原因,但这一事件立刻令人回想起2015年11月在巴黎发生的恐怖袭击,其中就包括在金属乐队“死亡之鹰”(Eagles of Death)演唱会现场发生的致命袭击。

“This is currently being treated as a terrorist incident until the police know otherwise,” the Manchester police said in a?Twitter posting.



People at the concert at the Manchester Arena said they heard what sounded like explosions at the end of the show around 10:30 p.m.


One concertgoer, Sasina Akhtar, told The Manchester Evening News that there had been an explosion at the back of the arena after the last song. “We saw young girls with blood on them, everyone was screaming and people were running,” she said.

现场观众萨希娜·阿赫塔尔(Sasina Akhtar)告诉《曼彻斯特晚报》(The Manchester Evening News)说,在最后一首歌唱完后,体育场后部发生了爆炸。她说:“我们看到年轻女孩身上有血迹,大家都在尖叫,有人在跑动。”

Ariana Grande, a 23-year-old singer with a big voice who started her career as a star on a Nickelodeon TV series, is on an international tour supporting her 2016 album, “Dangerous Woman.”

23岁的阿里安娜·格兰德是一位知名歌手,曾是尼克国际儿童频道(Nickelodeon TV)一部剧集中的明星,现在正在进行国际巡回演唱会,为她2016年德专辑《危险女人》(Dangerous Woman)做宣传。

The tour was scheduled to continue on Thursday at the O2 Arena in London. Two additional acts, Victoria Monét and Bia, performed as openers.

根据计划,下一场演唱会将于周四在伦敦O2体育馆举行。另外两名歌手维多利亚·莫内(Victoria Monét) 和比亚(Bia)担任开场嘉宾。

”Ariana is O.K.,” said her publicist, Joseph Carozza. “We are further investigating what happened.”

“阿里安娜情况还好,”她的公关人员约瑟夫·卡罗扎(Joseph Carozza)说:“我们正在调查发生了什么事情。”

Videos posted on Twitter showed concertgoers running and screaming from their seats. Hannah Dane, who attended the performance, told The Guardian that she had heard “quite a loud explosion heard from inside the Manchester Arena.”

在Twitter上发布的视频显示,观众们离座跑动、尖叫。观看表演的汉娜·丹恩(Hannah Dane)告诉《卫报》,她听到“曼彻斯特体育场内部传来了很大的爆炸声”。

She added, “It shook, then everyone screamed and tried to get out”.


The Manchester Arena, opened in 1995, can hold up to 21,000 spectators; it was not clear how many people were in the crowd for the concert.


The stadium is next to a train terminus, Victoria Station,?which?was evacuated.


Karen Ford, a witness, told the BBC that she was leaving the concert when “everyone was just getting out of their seats and walking toward the stairs when all of a sudden a huge sound, which sounded like an explosion, went off.”

目击者卡伦·福特(Karen Ford)当时正要离开演唱会现场,她告诉BBC,“就在大家刚刚离开座位,走向楼梯的时候,突然间发出一声巨大的声音,像是爆炸声。”

“Everyone tried to push people up the stairs,” she recalled, adding that in the chaos, people tried to push past a woman in a wheelchair as children screamed.


She said there was no smoke, just one very loud bang. “It was very, very loud.” She said her husband thought he had heard a second explosion.”there were shoes on the floor,” left behind by people who had fled, she recalled.


“Just chaos,” she said. “I was trying to tell people to calm down.” She added that the crush of people trying to flee created a perilous situation: “We were being crushed.”


Outside, Ms. Ford said, parents awaited their children who were attending the concert, checking their smartphones in a panic. “Everyone was trying to find each other.”


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