Look what happened: in this study,students who were not taught this growth mindset continued to show declining grades over this difficult school transition,but those who were taught this lesson showed a sharp rebound in their grades.

看看后面发生了什么吧:在这项研究中,没有接受成长型思维模式训练的学生,在这一困难的过渡阶段,成绩持续下滑,但那些受过该训练的学生, 成绩强势反弹,卓有起色。

We have shown this now, this kind of improvement,with thousands and thousands of kids, especially struggling students.

如今,我们已证实这一结论,通过成千上万个孩子的实例, 尤其是那些在学业上挣扎的孩子。

So let's talk about equality.


In our country, there are groups of students who chronically underperform,for example, children in inner cities,or children on Native American reservations.


And they've done so poorly for so long that many people think it's inevitable.

长期以来这里的孩子都没什么起色, 以致于很多人认为没的救了。

But when educators create growth mindset classrooms steeped in yet,equality happens.


And here are just a few examples.


In one year, a kindergarten class in Harlem, New York scored in the 95th percentile on the National Achievement Test.

纽约哈莱姆区的一所幼儿园的学生在一年的时间内,国家水平测试(National Achievement Test)成绩飞跃到前百分之五。

Many of those kids could not hold a pencil when they arrived at school.


In one year,fourth grade students in the South Bronx, way behind,became the number one fourth grade class in the state of New York on the state math test.


In a year to a year and a half,Native American students in a school on a reservation went from the bottom of their district to the top,and that district included affluent sections of Seattle.


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