冲破铁幕(Torn Curtain) 第05期


-你要说什么-她是一个好助手吗 - What do you suggest?- Is she a good assistant?

-是的-她是一个好的未婚妻吗 - Yes.- Is she a good fiancee?

是的 Yes.

那就好对你们都很好她会留在这里吗 Then it would be nice for you both if she stayed here, no?

那取决于谢尔曼小姐 Well, that's up to Miss Sherman.

嗯谢尔曼小姐 Miss Sherman

你愿意留在你们叫做铁幕后面的地方吗 how would you like to live behind what you call the Iron Curtain?

我我不知道 I... I don't know.

-你要我留下吗迈克尔-你要自己拿主意莎拉 - Do you want me to stay, Michael?- That's up to you, Sarah.

如果你愿意 If you wish,

我会给你叫一辆车半小时后你就到西柏林了 I can call for a car and you could be in West Berlin in half an hour.

我不知道我能和阿姆斯特朗教授单独谈谈吗 I don't know. Look, could I talk to Professor Armstrong alone?

当然我们时间充裕 By all means. There's ample time.

为什么不明天再做决定呢 Why don't we all sleep on it?

好的我非常愿意 Yes, I'd like to do that.

我们必须等待教授 We mustn't keep the press waiting, Professor.

可能谢尔曼小姐会留下来 Perhaps Miss Sherman would like to accompany us?

-需要吗-我想她会喜欢上这里的 - Is that necessary?- I think she should find it interesting.

好的我们走 All right. Let's go.

哦不用忙格鲁马克先生会处理的 Oh, leave those. Mr. Gromek will take care of them.

教授请这边走 This way, Professor, please.

阿姆斯特朗教授会用英语向你们宣读他的声明 Professor Armstrong will now read to you his statement in English.

你们都会得到声明的英文和德文拷贝 There will be copies available for you in English and in German.

先生你来到这里真的是因为 Sir, is it true you're defecting because

华盛顿方面取消你的反导弹研究计划吗 Washington abandoned your anti-missile program?

-我会说明的-教授那是反导弹导弹吗 - I'll explain that.- Professor, is that the anti-missile missile?

-用来作为核防御的-是的 - The one that's supposed to make nuclear defense obsolete?- Yes, it is.

没有问题 No questions.

那意味着你计划 Does that mean that your plan is

把你的秘密工作移交给一个社会主义国家吗 to hand over your secret work to a communist country?

-我有个声明要宣布-请讲 - I have a statement, if you don't mind.- Professor?

今天 Today...

在我的国家美国 in my country, the United States,

高层中有人不希望看到核武器被废止 there are people in high places who do not want to see atomic war abolished.

现在因为这个一个我为之工作了六年的 Now, because of that, a project that I was working on...

工程要被政府取消 for six years was cancelled by my government.

嗯这个工程比 Uh, that project is more important...

忠于某个国家更加重要 than the considerations of loyalty to any one country.

这样我嗯 As a result of that, I, uh...

这样我嗯 As a result of that, I, um...

我打算到莱比锡大学继续我的研究 I am offering my services to your University of Leipzig...

希望能和 hopefully to work with

这领域的权威古斯塔夫斯林德特教授一起工作 Professor Gustav Lindt, a leading authority in my field.

和林德特教授一起工作 Together with Professor Lindt,

我们将研究出一种防御性的武器 we will produce a defensive weapon...

它将会使嗯所有的核攻击 that will make, um, all offensive nuclear weapons...

失效 obsolete,

并且因此 and thereby...

避免恐怖的核战争 abolish the terror of nuclear warfare.

-谢谢-能提个问题吗 - Thank you.- One question, please.

招待会结束 That's all.

谢尔曼小姐再见再见 Miss Sherman, good-bye. Good-bye.

教授谢尔曼小姐 Professor. Fraulein Sherman.

教授先生再见谢谢 Herr Professor. Auf Wiedersehen. Thank you.

这边请 This way, please.

嘿 Hey!

怎么来了这么多英国和美国的记者 How come all the English and American correspondents?

当我们要发布大新闻时我们会邀请西柏林的所有记者 When we have big news, we invite all correspondents over from West Berlin.

你叫什么 What did you say your name was?

格鲁马克G-R-O-M-E-K Gromek. G-R-O-M-E-K.

非常感谢格鲁马克先生 Thank you very much, Mr. Gromek.

让人难以忍受的新闻发布会 Quite a reception, huh?

大人物你仍然带着那个表情"大人物" Big deal. You still have that expression, "big deal"?

是我知道了 Yeah, we've got it.

我曾经住在第88大道你知道那里吗 Eighty-eighth and Eighth I used to live. Do you know around there?

那里街角有家披萨店 There was a pizza shop right on the corner.

还在那里吗 Is it still there?

第88大道的街角 Corner of Eighty-eighth and Eighth?

皮特披萨店 Pete's Pizza Parlor.

我不知道 I wouldn't know.

有些城市热狗 Some city. Hot dog.

你仍然那么说 You still say that?

热狗 Hot dog.

莎拉 Sarah?

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