冲破铁幕(Torn Curtain) 第04期


在这里阿姆斯特朗单程 There we are... Armstrong. A single ticket.

不是去斯德哥尔摩小姐是16:30的机票 It's not for Stockholm, miss. It's the 16:30 flight,

罗马尼亚航空到东柏林 Romanian Airlines, East Berlin.

东柏林 East Berlin?

-铁幕那边-是的小姐 - But that's behind the Iron Curtain.- Yes, miss.


小姐 Young lady.

请原谅 Excuse me.

你怎么在这里 What in hell's name are you doing here?

-哈罗迈克尔-听我说 - Hello, Michael.- Listen to me.

你离我远点别和我说话 Now you stay away from me. Don't talk to me.

等着陆后你做下一班飞机离开随便去哪里都行 When this plane lands, you take the next one out... anywhere!

回家 Go home!

明白吗 Do you understand?

-阿姆斯特朗是哪位-那里 - Wo ist Armstrong?- Dort.

阿姆斯特朗教授我们等另外一个人走出飞机 Professor Armstrong we will wait until the other passengers are off the plane.

我想她不知道 I thought she didn't know.

她不知道她不可能知道她只是跟着我 She doesn't know. She can't know. She just followed me.

显然我们可以走了 Apparently. We can go now.

嘿女士站到一边去 Hey, lady, step aside.

请停一下 Hold it.

请原谅我得把他介绍给部长 If you will pardon me, I must introduce him to our vice minister.

来吧 Shall we go, please?

部长希望 The vice minister wishes to welcome...

代表民主德国 to the German Democratic Republic,

欢迎卓越的美国核物理学家 a distinguished American nuclear scientist,

迈克尔·阿姆斯特朗教授 Professor Michael Armstrong.

阿姆斯特朗教授已经决定 Professor Armstrong has decided...

在民主德国工作生活 to live and work for peace in the Peoples' Democracies.

我真的不能和他说话吗 But can't I talk to him at all?

现在那样做很不明智你有签证吗谢尔曼小姐 It is not advisable at present. Do you have a visa, Miss Sherman?

哦他们说我可以在这里24小时内得到一个 Oh, they said I could get one here for 24 hours.

我已经告诉他们你在这里了让我们耐心等待吧 I have told them you are here. Let's see what can be done.

先生们过一会儿有记者招待会请耐心等待 Gentlemen, there will be a press conference later. Be patient.

谢谢这边请 Danke. This way.

-教授-哈罗 - Professor.- Hello.

-没被我们的欢迎仪式吓坏吧-多少有点 - You have survived our welcoming ceremony?- More or less.

现在我们可以放松一下了 Now we can relax.

我是亨利西杰勒德国家安全部门的 Heinrich Gerard, state security.

哦臭名昭著的国家安全部门 Yes, the infamous state security.

你说什么 I beg your pardon?

请原谅请坐 Excuse me. Sit down, please.

-不谢谢-哦古巴的 - No, thank you.- Oh? Cuban.

不抽真是你的损失 Your loss, our gain.

嗯教授旅途愉快吗 Well, Professor, did you have a good trip? Oh.

还可以 So-so.

这是格鲁马克先生他负责接待你 Uh, this is Mr. Gromek. He will be your personal guide.

哈罗随时准备效劳 Hello. Anything you need.

我在美国住过很长时间 I lived many years in United States.

如果你对他不满意就来找我 If he gives you any trouble, come to me.

我住在纽约第88大道上 I lived on 88th street in New York.

哦很好 Oh, good.

好来谈正事吧 Well, here we are.

我听说你你带了一个超重的行李 I hear you... you brought a little excess baggage.

什么 What?

哦是的 Oh, yes.

-莎拉路易丝谢尔曼-莎拉路易丝 - A Sarah Louise Sherman.- Sarah Louise?

你应该告诉我这个消息的 You should come to me for your information.

但是不奇怪吗 But isn't it a little strange?

在美国时在和我们的联系中 During all your conversations with our agents in the United States,

你从没有提到过要带你的助手来 you never mentioned that you were bringing an assistant.

-我不知道她会来-真的吗 - I didn't know she was coming.- Really?

我骗她说要去斯德哥尔摩 I gave her that cover story... the one about Stockholm...

但是没有成功 but I must've botched it.

她是你的未婚妻吗 Isn't she your fiancee?

-是的-那你希望她怎么办 - Yes.- Then what did you intend her to do?

回家去嫁给隔壁的男孩还是什么 Go home, marry the boy next door, or what?

我隐约的希望她能明白我的意思可能她没有 I hoped, vaguely that she'd understand my motives, maybe she wouldn't.

我希望她能加入我们 But I hoped she'd join me later.

-她迟早会加入的-看来是的 - She has joined you, sooner than later.- So it would appear.

-女人-哦男孩 - Women.- Oh, boy.

我们让她进来吧 Let's have her in, shall we?

请进 Come in, please.

谢尔曼小姐我是格哈德你好 Miss Sherman, my name is Gerhard. How do you do?

请进来坐我来介绍这是施特劳斯部长 Won't you please sit down? May I introduce the vice minister, Mr. Strauss.

-你好-还有格鲁马克先生 - Guten Tag.- And Mr. Gromek.

谢尔曼小姐我们要怎么对待你呢 Well, Miss Sherman, what are we going to do with you?

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