冲破铁幕(Torn Curtain) 第01期


还供暖吗 Are they ever going to get the heating fixed?

他们正在抢修教授 They are working at it, Professor.

你们科学家也许能提供点帮助 Perhaps some of you scientists would like to give us a helping hand.

午餐吃什么 What are we going to do about lunch?

我们还没吃早餐呢 We haven't had breakfast yet. Oh.

我们下楼去吃早餐当作午餐好了 We'll call this lunch and go upstairs for breakfast.

你作为科学家迈克尔我得说你有不科学的念头 Against all the evidence, Michael, I'd say you had a very unscientific mind.

我不是科学家我是老师 I'm not a scientist, I'm a teacher.

你是科学家 You're a scientist,

你应该对所有事物的自然顺序都表现出尊重 and you're supposed to respect a natural order in all things.

早餐在午饭前哎哟 Breakfast comes before lunch... Ow!

嗯并且蜜月旅行前要先结婚 Mmm. And marriage should come before a honeymoon cruise.

你上错船了 You're on the wrong boat.

迈克尔 Michael!

好了行了这是一个很重要的物理学年会 Now, stop. This is supposed to be a serious congress of physicists.

告诉我谢尔曼小姐在反氘核中你扮演什么角色 Tell me, Miss Sherman, what is your position on antideuterons?

好听着你要在七月的婚礼中扮演什么角色 Now, listen here. What's your position on a July wedding?

噢七月八月九月还是十月 Oh, July, August, September or October.

别让我催你 Don't let me hurry you.

我只是不想成为学校里唯一一个和别人同居的女人 I just don't want to be the only common-law wife on campus.

-忘了学校吧-哦你不再思考了吗 - Forget the campus.- Oh, will you stop brooding?

-我当然在思考-好我希望你能教那个课程 - I like to brood.- Look, I wish you'd get that teaching job in perspective.

-我知道那不是你想要的但是说实话-哦不 - I know it's not what you want, but honestly...- Oh, no!

我非常尊重这是唯一的区别 I'm greatly honored. It's a unique distinction.

-够了你不停下吗-不的确 - Enough. Will you stop it?- No, it's true.

这是美国科学史上唯一的职位 It's an unparalleled appointment in the history of American science.

-别说了-科学家大都从教书开始在华盛顿终结 - Stop it.- Most scientists just start out teaching, end up in Washington.

但是阿姆斯特朗却不一样 But Wrong-Way Armstrong...

他在华盛顿开始以教书结束 starts in Washington and he ends up teaching.

-不记得我们的约定吗-什么 - No, our agreement, remember?- What?

你不说华盛顿 You weren't going to blast off about Washington,

我不会再问你 and I wasn't gonna ask you again...

为什么你不希望带我来 why you didn't want me to come on this trip.

-好吗-好 - Okay?- Yeah.

-阿姆斯特朗教授-等一下 - Professor Armstrong?- Just a minute.

-什么事-电报先生 - Yes?- A radiogram, sir.

-对不起这不是给我的-但是先生请劳驾 - I'm sorry. This isn't for me.- But, sir. If you please...

不对不起肯定是弄错了 No, I'm sorry. It must be a mistake.

你身上好冷 You're freezing.

那么我们早午餐吃点什么 Well, what shall we have for breakfast-lunch or lunch-breakfast?

让我想想麦片和汤 Let's see, uh, corn flakes and soup...

-哈罗迈克尔很高兴你们又供暖了-我就说 - Hello, Michael. Glad that heat's on again.- I'll say.

晚上好我是迈克尔·阿姆斯特朗早些时候有我一个电报 Good evening. I'm Michael Armstrong. A radiogram arrived earlier for me.

-我能再看一看吗-好的先生请稍等 - May I have another look at it, please?- Yes, sir. One moment.

-哈罗-哦教授你看见谢尔曼小姐了吗 - Hello.- Oh, Professor. Did you perhaps see Miss Sherman?

我们之前约好了一起吃午餐可能她忘记了 I was supposed to have with her a luncheon date. Maybe she had forgotten.

-她着凉了在床上躺着-着凉了啊太不幸了 - I believe she had a cold. Stayed in bed.- A cold? Aw, that's too bad.

-给你先生-哦谢谢 - Here you are, sir.- Oh, thank you.

我想她现在已经起来了为什么不去长椅那边看看呢 Well, I think she's up by now. Why don't you look in the lounge.

好 Good.

嗯今早我没醒现在我想回个电报 Well, uh, I couldn't have been awake this morning. I'd like to send an answer.

-请讲先生-谢谢 - Please, sir.- Thank you.

亲爱的我们房间挨在一起了 Darling, we've got connecting rooms.

那就是斯堪的纳维亚人的效率 That's Scandinavian efficiency.

我帮你把行李打开 Shall I unpack for you?

我自己来吧 I'd rather do it myself.

好 Okay.

哈罗 Hello?

不现在他恐怕很忙 No, I'm afraid he's busy right now.

我是谢尔曼小姐他的助手请讲 This is Miss Sherman, his assistant, speaking.

有什么可以转达的 May I take a message?

哦请等一下迈克尔书店找你 Oh, just one moment, please. Michael, it's some bookshop for you.

告诉他们我很快就去 Tell them I'll be there in a minute.

他马上到哈罗 He'll be right here. Hello?

不接线员我在和对方说话 No, Operator. I was talking on this line.

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