Florida airport shooting kills 5, suspect caught: police


WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 -- A shooting has killed five people and injured eight inside the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport in the U.S. state of Florida Friday, local police said.

"5 ppl dead; 8 injured were taken to an area hospital," Broward County Sheriff's office said on its twitter account.

It has tweeted earlier that one suspect had been taken into custody.

Multiple news outlets have reported that the suspect had been identified as Esteban Santiago, a New Jersey man with a military ID.

CNN cited Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief as saying that there's no evidence that the suspect had accomplices and local authorities are looking into the motive of the attack.

"Communications received a call around 12:55 pm about shots fired at 100 Terminal Drive at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int'l Airport," Broward County Police said.

Photos and videos taken at the site suggested that the incident took place at the baggage claim section of a terminal.

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