Bring Me a Glass of Milk


At 2 a. m, Mrs. Culkin was convinced that she had heard a prowler in the living, room. "Tiptoe down-stairs," she told her husband. "Don' t turn on the lights. Sneak up him before he knows what's happeningDutifully Mr. Culkin put on his robe. Just as he reached the bedroom door, his wife added, "And when you come back, bring me a glass of milk."Notes:

(1) convince v.使信服(2) prowler n.偷窃者(3) tiptoe v.踮着脚走(4) sneak v.潜行;偷偷走(5) dutifully adv.尽职地Exercises:


① When did the story happen?

② What was Mrs. Culkin convinced of?

③ How should Mr. Culkin catch the prowler, according to Mrs. Culkin?

④ What did Mrs. Culkin tell her husband to do for her?

⑤ Do you think there was a prowler in the Culkins' house?




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