Lesson 99 教学设计方案


Lesson 99 教学设计方案

Teaching Objectives:

Be able to distinguish the usages between the Simple Past Tense and the Past Continuous Tense.

Language focus:

The different points between the Simple Past Tense and the Past Continuous Tense.

The Simple Past Tense is used to refer to events that happened in the past.

The Past Continuous Tense is used to refer to events that happened at a particular, specific time in the past.

Properties: Overhead projector, Pictures, 在教室一角布置一个“交通事故现场”。

Teaching procedures:

Step 1 Revision

1. Call students to tell the story learnt the day before.

2. Dictate some words: cause, accident, comer, suddenly, shout, land, luckily, gatekeeper, crowd, hurry, police, medicine, choose, traffic, motorbike, carry, quickly, fast, move

3. To read some traffic signs.

Step 2 Read and answer

Say Yesterday we learnt about a traffic accident. In the accident, there was a man who got hurt. He was taken to hospital. But after a while, policemen came. Let’s see what happened after that.

Let the students imagine they are the children. Try to answer the policemen’s questions on page 123 Ex 1 in the workbook.

Get the students to act out the story.





角色1 (Li Lei) left school and saw a bag fall off a truck? shouted to the driver, but the driver did not hear; a man on a motorbike hit the bag and fell off; came up to help, asked the girl students to stop the traffic; helped to carry the man to the gate keeper's room, went to find Miss Zhao

角色2 (the gate keeper) heard the children shouting outside the school gate; went out to see what happened; saw two boy students carry a man; asked the people not to crowd around the man? asked Li Lei to find a teacher? moved the bag of rice away with Lin Tao

角色3 (the man on the motorbike) rode too fast that day; saw the bag, but too late; had an accident and fell off; hurt, could not move; two boys came to help; a teacher came with a medicine box; took me to a hospital

角色4((Miss Zhao) reading a book at the library; Li Lei ran in and looked worried; told me about the accident; asked Li Lei to telephone the police; went to find a medicine box; quickly ran to the gatekeeper's room

Step 3 Presentation

Ask a student to come and perform an action at the front of the class. (e.g. sweeping the floor)

Ask What is he/she doing?

Then invite another student to come an perform a different activity (e.g. cleaning the blackboard) at the same time as the first student is sweeping the floor.

Say: The girl is sweeping the floor while the boy is cleaning the blackboard.

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