Lesson 70教学设计方案一


Properties: Recorder, Overhead Projector.

Teaching Objectives:

1. Let the students understand the dialogue and learn new words.

2. Go over the Past Perfect Tense.

Language Focus

New words: British, fail, summit, misty, mist

Useful expressions: disappear into, the first men to do tins, try to reach the top of

Teaching Procedures:

I. Showing the teaching aims

II. Revision

Check homework. Ask the students to act out the dialogue.

III. Leading in

T: Today we are going to read a story about George Mallory. What do you know about him? Where was he from? What was he? What did \w do in 1921 and 1922? Was he successful?

IV. Reading

Let the students read the text carefully, look at the questions in Workbook, exercise 1. Let than discuss the answers orally. Then check the answers with the whole class. Explain some language points.

V. Practice

Play the tape, let the students listen first, then repeat the text after the tape. Give them some time to practise reading the passage.

VI. Workbook

Let the students do Exercise 2 together. The answer are: climbing, climb, mountain, top, weather, disappeared, return, later, found, unknown, reached

For Exercise 3, the answers are: 1 who 2 which 3 whether 4 that 5 why 6 as 7 who

VII. Consolidation

Get the students to ask and answer questions according to the text. Let them really understand the passage. Finally try to retell it.

VIII. Summary

Exercise in class

Fill in the blanks with the right verb forms.

1. The earth ___________ (go) round the sun.

2. Look! The baby ________(cry) in the street.

3. When _______ the Party ________( found)?

4. They ________ (work) there since they came to the factory.

5. Betty ______ ( enjoy) writing plays.

6. I remembered I _________ ( bring) the hook with me.

7. When ________you_________ (begin) to study English?

8. He said he ____( arrive) in half an hour.

9. Mary_______(cook) when her husband came into the kitchen.

10. It's dangerous! ________.(not climb) up the hill.

Answers: 1. goes 2. is going 3. was founded 4. enjoys 5. have worked 6. had brought 7. did begin 8. world arrive 9. was cooking 10. Don’t climb

IX. Homework

Read the whole story and retell it.

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