Lesson 98教学设计方案


Teaching Objectives:

Grasp the story and some words and useful expressions.

1. It's nice of you. 2. You'd better not talk. 3. As quickly as she could. Miss Zhao got a medicine box.

Be able to read the traffic signs.

Language focus:

1. Some words and phrases

cause, traffic accident, round the corner, fall off, land, in the middle of, shout to, not. . . until, hit. lay, luckily, be badly hurt, gatekeeper, crowd round, move. . .out of, move. . .away, choose, take care of, as quickly as she could, hurry- up, with sth. on/in/under somewhere, hurry off, look after

2. Some traffic signs

The first sign means you can not drive into this street.

The second sign means you can’t stop your car here.

The third sign means you can’t turn left here.

The fourth sign means you can’t turn right here.


Tape-recorder; Overhead projector; Cards with traffic signs on them; 教学挂图

Teaching procedures:

Step 1 Revision

Revise the vocabulary connected with traffic, such as transport tools: bike, car, train, truck, plane, ship, motorbike, etc.

Ask Which is quicker, a train or a motorbike? Which is the most expensive of all? etc.

Step 2 Discussion

Say: Traffic accident is a crash involving cars, trains, planes, etc. Have you seen any traffic accident?

What do you think of those traffic accidents?

What do you think often causes traffic accidents?

What should you do when you see a traffic accident?

Encourage them to express their own ideas.

Get the students to tell their own stories of when they have either actually been in an accident or seen one, or know someone who has been in one.

Step 3 Reading

Tell the students Read the story quickly and find out what happened.(a traffic accident)

Play the tape for the students to listen and repeat, and answer the following questions. Or play the video: A traffic accident

1. What was in the middle of the road?

2. What did the children do when they saw that?

3. Why did the motorbike hit the bag?

4. How was the man?

5. What will happen next?

Teach new words (利用教学挂图) suddenly, luckily, etc.

Explains the new words and phrases:

1.Words ending in –ly are usually adverbs.

2.The word gatekeeper is a compound noun that comes from the words gate and keeper.

3.He was not badly hurt means that the man was only hurt a little bit.

4. Explain Don’t mention it. Explain the position of clauses such as As quickly as she could, and With the medicine box under her arm. (at the beginning of the sentence)

5. Explain the difference between hurry up and hurry off.

Play the tape again. Do workbook Ex1. Check the answers with the whole class.

Step 4 Practice

Draw a few pictures about the traffic accident, and ask the students to retell the story.

Show the traffic signs to the students and help them say the meaning of them. Then students talk about some traffic rules. (They may draw some other traffic signs on the blackboard if time is enough.)

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