Lesson 97 教学设计方案


Lesson 97 教学设计方案

Teaching Objectives: Grasp the general question of past continuous tense and some words and phrases.

Language focus:

1. 句型:

1)You’d better go to bed earlier tonight.

2) A woman saw it happen when she was walking past.

3)My wallet dropped on the ground when I was walking in the park

4)You look tired today.

2. Words and expressions

play the piano/violin/guitar/flute, watch video tape, review, look tired/young/worried, mend, forget sth./forget to do sth. had better(not) do sth., novel, accident, wallet, walk past, give sth. (back) to sb.


We were not traveling too fast.

Was she traveling too fast?

Properties: Tape-recorder, Overhead projector, novel, pictures, 学习用具,如钢笔、书等。

Teaching procedures:

Step 1 Revision

Talk about what students were doing at different times yesterday.

Student1: What were you doing at eight o’clock yesterday evening?

Student2: I was reading my English.

Step 2 Presentation

Ask the students Were you watching TV at eight o’clock at night? . Help students to answer “Yes, I was.” or “No, I wasn’t.”

Practise in the same way. 教师快速向学生提问,要求学生给予肯定或否定回答,并练习各种人称形式。例如:

T:(对某位同学)Were you watching TV last night?

:Yes, I was. /No, I wasn't.

T:(面向全班)Was he/she watching TV last night?

:Yes,he/she was.No,he/she wasn’t.


Get the students to ask and answer in pairs.

Step 3 Ask and answer

Learn new words Russian, motorbike by showing the pictures.

Explain the word “review”. It means to look again at something, such as school work, notes of lessons, etc.

Go through the phrases in the box and make sure the students understand what they mean.

Play the video: Lesson 97 ask and answer.(播放媒体素材让学生领悟过去进行时态的疑问句的运用情景)

Get the students to make up questions and answers in pairs.

Step 4 Practice


T:(面向学生甲) You look tired today. You’d better go to bed earlier tonight, If you can.


(面向学生乙) You are not feeling well today.You’d better go to see the doctor.

板书 You’d better do sth.给学生几分钟时间,让大家设计一些情景,然后提出建议。

Explain had better(not)do sth.

It is used to give advice about what someone should or should not do.

Play the tape of dialogue 1 and ask Why is the speaker tired? (the speaker went to bed too late)

Explain the word novel. It means a long written story in which the characters and events are usually imaginary. We can also call that a fiction.(可通过实物教学,教师准备好一本小说)

Play it again for the students t listen and repeat. Or play the video: Lesson 97 Practice 1.

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