Lesson 68教学设计方案


Lesson 68教学设计方案

Properties: Recorder, Overhead Projector.

Teaching Objectives:

1. Practise listening.

2. Revise the grammar: the Attributive Clause.

Language Focus: Checkpoint 17.

Teaching Procedures:

I. Showing the teaching aims

II. Revision

Choose some useful sentences from the students' homework. Read them to class, then do more oral practice using the Attributive Clause

III. Leading in

T: Today we're going to hear about a story, look at your workbook, Lesson 68 Exercise 1. Read all the questions first. Then read the numbers aloud, try to guess the answers before listening.

IV. Listening

Listening Cassette, Play the tape for the students to listen and do Exercise 1 in the workbook, check the answers with the whole students.

V. Presentation

Look at Exercise 2, Discuss it with the students, let them understand the information. Ask the students to answer the question, and check the answer. Then let the students practise in pairs. Pay attention to these sentences: 1. These men look like thieves (who) you saw. 2. The man (who) I saw had black hair. 3. He had a mouth that was quite small.

VI. Practice

Look at Exercise 3, let the students choose the best answers alone, and check with the students, then read the sentences together.

Let the students make up their own sentences.

VII. Play a game

Look at Exercise 4. Student A acts as the victim who was robbed and student B is a policeman / policewoman. First spend five minutes thinking about what you will say, then ask the students to come to the front and play a game.

VIII. Practice

Look at Exercise 5. Use the information from the dialogue above lo complete the police report.

Get the students to do it first, then check the answer with the whole class.

IX. Checkpoint 17

Go through the grammar part and practise the useful expressions.

X. Workbook

For Exercise 4. Read the passage, Guess the new words first, then answer the questions.

For Exercise 6, Look at the pictures and write the story about “Cao Chong weighed an elephant”.

Exercises in class

Join the sentences with that, which or who.

1. I’m reading a book. The book is about a robbery.

2. Have you ever seen the film? The film was directed by Zhang Yimou.

3. Most of the people were American. They travelled to Beijing last week.

4. The girl is taking care of the baby. She is my aunts baby - sitter.

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