Lesson 95 教学设计方案


Teaching Objectives:

Grasp the Past Continuous Tense.

Language focus:

cook a meal, play volleyball, PE/physical education, chemistry lab, feed, sweep the floor, look out of...

Properties: Tape-recorder, Overhead projector, 课本挂图。

Teaching procedures:

Step 1 Revision

1. Act out the play about neighbourhood relationship. Other students answer the question “What were they doing in the play?”.

2. Revise the Past Continuous Tense by performing actions, such as: cleaning the floor, closing the window.

What was I doing? What was he/she doing? What were they doing?

Step 2 Presentation

Draw this time table on the blackboard. (or on a flashcard) as a model:

Yesterday: Li Lei


readingplaying football


having a restshopping with Jim

Present this dialogue:

A: What was Li Lei doing at half past nine yesterday morning?

B: He was reading.

Get the students to practise the dialogue with other time. Repeat it for Han Mei instead of Li Lei.

Get the students to ask and answer in pairs.

Step 3 Ask and answer

Students ask and answer the questions in pairs.

Then get the students to draw a time line showing what they were doing at a certain period of time last Sunday. Have them ask and answer about what they were really doing.

Explain the word: PE, chemistry, sweep

Step 4 Practice

Show the students the picture and say: One Sunday morning the man upstairs heard the sound of children playing in the park. What did he see when he looked out of his window.

Now look at the picture, what were the children and other people doing?

Explain the using of playing in the park.

Get the students to ask and answer in pairs.

A: What was the man doing?

B: He was selling the fruit.

The boys were playing basketball.

Do WB EX.1.

Play the video: 过去进行时, Get the students to act in pair.

Step 5 Exercise

Ask questions.

1. The girl was making a paper boat.

2. Tony was telling a story.

3. My brother was playing the piano at six o clock yesterday.

4. They were doing homework. (general question)

Keys: 1. What was the girl doing?

2. Who was telling a story?

3. When was your brother playing the piano?

4. Were they doing homework?

Step 6 Homework

1. Write a short article to desCRIbe the picture in this lesson.

2. Draw a picture for other students to talk about.

3. Do exercises on page 117. Finish off the workbook exercises.

Writing on blackboard

Lesson 95

1. The Past Continuous Tense


What was the girl/boy/man/woman doing?

What were the men/women doing?

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