Lesson 92 教学设计方案


Lesson 92 教学设计方案


1.掌握重点单词和词组: play joke on , make sb laugh, ask sb. to do sth. , laugh at, give a lecture

2.进一步掌握I am sure / I am not sure 的句型。





Step 1 Revision

1. Revise the sentences “I’m sure…” and “I’m not sure…”

方案1:播放视频I’m sure句型演示此句型的运用。

情景1: Do you like Bill Gates?  Do you want to be a person like him?

Student answered: I am sure that…. I am not sure that….

情景2: Your birthday is coming. What gift your mother will give you?

Student answered: I am sure that…. I am not sure that….

2. Revise the vocabulary in this unit.

Step 2 Leading in

Say: Have you ever done the shopping? Have you ever bought any clothes? What did you buy? What do you care when you buy clothes? Today, we are going to a shop to see what the girl will buy for her mother.

Step 3 Puzzle dialogue

Read and match the puzzle dialogue. Check the answer in class.

Have the students guess the meanings of size and almost. Explain “must be, either”.

Practice the dialogue in pairs and act it out.(学生可以准备一些实物教具如衣服等, 讲台可以做柜台。)

Step 4 Presentation

Say: Do you like playing jokes? I like to hear a good joke. Have the students guess the meaning of joke. Explain it to them in Chinese if necessary.

Say: There was a famous American writer who liked to play jokes. Do you know who he was? His name was Mark Twain? Can you tell me anything about him? Have you read any of his novels?

Show the students the picture of Mark Twain.

Step 5 Reading

方案1:Play the tape for the students, listen and read. Then answer: How many train tickets did Mark Twain really buy? Give the students a few minutes to scan the text for the answer. Check the answer in class.

方案2:播放视频文件:Mark Twain,让学生对整个故事有个大概了解,然后找出答案。

Teach the new words: speaker, lose, hide, conductor, check, lie, deaf

Explain the phrases: make sb. do sth,. play a joke on sb.(可播放音频进行讲解)

Play the tape again and have the students listen and repeat. And answer the following questions.

1.What does Mark Twain like to do?

2. What did his friend ask him to do?

3. What did Mark Twain say to his friend?

4. How many tickets did he buy at last?

5. Was his friend a really strange man?

6.Why did everyone laugh?

7.What do you think his friend’s feeling is?

8. What do you think of Mark Twain from this story?

Give the key words and phrased on the blackboard or on the flashcard. Have the students retell the story.

Step 6 Writing

Students read the story and fill in the blanks on page 45. Then check the answer in class.

Keys: write, speaker, play jokes on, joke, his, nothing, laugh, bring, lecture/speech, sure/confident, laugh, sat, funny/interesting, but, either, was, later, about, knew

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