Lesson 88 教学设计方案


Teaching Objectives: To develop the students' four skills of listening, speaking. reading and writing; Revise the whole unit.

Language Focus:

right now= now, do one's best. It was difficult to see. ,take turns to do

Properties: Tape-recorder, Overhead projector

Teaching Procedures:

Step 1 Revision

1. Ask the students to retell the story in their own words.

2. Dictate the words of sports meetings and regular/irregular forms of adverbs.

Step 2 Read and act

1. Play the tape for the students to listen and repeat.

2. Explain the meaning:

girls’ 400 metres: A race over 400 metres for girls.

It was difficult to see.: It’s hard to see.

Ask the students who won the girls’ 400-metre race?

3. Ask the students to act out the dialogue in groups of six. (student A, B, headteacher, Fang Ming, Lucy, Lily and Lin Tao)

Step 3 Practice

教师把Part 1中含as … as的句子:Wei Hua ran as fast as Sun Meiying.板书出来,或是利用多媒体演示其句式。

Ask the students to make up sentences.

Step 4 Read and act

1. Play the tape for the students to listen and repeat.

2. Divide the class into groups, practise and act out the dialogue.

3. Make a form for the result.



Girls’ relay

Class 4


Boys’ relay

Class 3


Girls’ 100-metre race

Lily King (first)

Lucy King (second)

Step 5 Practice

Play the tape for the students to listen and repeat(或是利用多媒体视频)

Have them to make up more questions on their own.

Pay attention to express “Congratulations!” or “Bad luck!”

Step 6 Listening

1. Pre -listening:

Ask the students to know what they'll hear.

2. While-listening:

1) Listening to the tape and ask the students to finish Workbook Lesson 88 Exercise One.

2) Play the tape once. Give the students a chance to write down their answers.

3) Play the tape again, with pauses after important information.

3. After- listening:

1) Let the students check their answers in pairs and then with the whole class.

2) Play the tape one more time for the students to follow.

Step 7 Writing

1. Ask the students to work in groups of three. Each group writes out a note of the sports meeting report. Try to use the language in this unit.

2. Have the students work in pairs and role-play being a reporter and the headteacher..

3. Ask the students to write a sports meeting report for their homework.

The sports meeting at No.14 Middle School today was full of surprises. First during the boys’ relay race, Class 3 was in front. Then Wei Tao fell and hurt his leg. Class 5 and Class 2 were neck and neck, but Ren Ming ran the fastest and passed the finishing line first.

The girl’s long jump was also a big surprise. The favourite jumper was Sara. She started with a jump of 3 metres. No one could jump farther than her until Wang Jingjing came up to the line. She jumped a surprising 3.2 metres and beat Sara for first place, etc.

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