Lesson 86 教学设计方案



1.掌握重点单词和词组:take an active part in, catch up with, neck and neck, go on doing sth,

2.熟练掌握as…as 句型的用法.




Step 1 Revision.

1.写出下列形容词、副词的比较级和最高级形式:good, far, long, short, slow.


What are the girls doing?

Does Zhang Ping run faster than Helen?

Who win the game?

What are the boys doing?

Who swims highest? 

Does Jack swim as quickly as Xiao An?

2. Revise the vocabulary of sports meetings.

A: Which kinds of sports are there in a sports meeting?

B: There are 100-metre race, 400-metre race, 800-metre race, long jump and high jump, and so on.

Step2 Presentation



Ask the students to discuss the questions on page 37. Then ask the students to discuss what is happening in the pictures on page 37.

Step3 Reading

1. Let the students read the passage to find the answer to the question: Which two classes were in front? (Class 1 and Class 3)

2. Ask the students to draw a chart of the race like this:






Class 1


Yu Yan

Wu Peng


Class 2


dropped stick

Jiang Honglin

Class 3

Li Lei



Lin Tao

Class 4


fell & hurt leg


Who ran Lap 1 for Class 3?

3. Listen to the tape, and answer these questions:

Where did Mr. Hu stand?

Who passed the stick to Yu Yan?

Did he catch up with Jim?

Which Class runner dropped the stick when he was passing it on to the last runner?

Who hurt his leg and stopped running?

4. Explain the language points.

1) get ready to do/be ready to do 准备做……例如:


I will get ready to leave for Shanghai.

I’m ready to help you.

get ready/be ready + for sth.

I'm ready( = I have got ready)for the exam.

Are you ready for the spelling? Yes, We are all ready.

2) But he quickly got up and went on running. 但他迅速爬起来继续赛跑。

go on doing sth. 意为:继续做某事。如:He went on talking about the film after the guest left. 客人走后,他继续谈论那场电影。


He went on to talk about a film after the guest left. 客人走后,他(改变话题)开始谈论一场电影。

这个句子的形式是:to go on to do sth.

与go on doing sth. 意思相近的有go on with sth. , 例如:Please go on with your work. 请继续干你的工作。

3) He began to catch up with Jim. 他开始赶上吉姆了。

catch up with是追赶,赶上的意思。如:

1) You have to work hard in order to catch up with the others. 你得努力学习,赶上别人。

2) You walk on and I'll catch up with you later. 你接着走,我一会儿会赶上你的。

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