Lesson 83 教学设计方案



1.掌握重点单词和词组:enjoy oneself, go on a trip, buy oneself something





Step 1 Revision.

Revise the reflexive pronouns.


What’s the matter with the boy? Did he hurt himself?

What were the children doing? Did they enjoy themselves?

Step2 Leading- in

1. Ask one student: “If you have lots of money, what will you do?”

2. Ask the students to discuss the problem in groups.

3. Ask the students to present their opinions.

Step3 Presentation.

T: Last time, we have known Beethoven. As we know, Beethoven was very great but he is poor. Today we’re going to learn two persons, one is rich and the other is poor. Now, look at the pictures please.


Does Mr. More enjoy himself? Why?

Does Mr. Little enjoy himself? Why?



More, rich, had lots of money, doesn’t have many friends, doesn’t enjoy himself.

Little, poor, didn’t have much money, has many friends, enjoys himself.

4.让学生将下列句子用but 或and 连接.

A: The boy is very clever. He didn’t work hard.

B: Mary is always kind to us. We all like her.

C: My brother is very careless. He never forgets his homework.

D: Jane is a worker .He loves his work very much.

5.Discuss the question:

If you have a lot of money, what will you do?

1) Who do you want to be, Mr. More or Mr. Little?

2) Can money bring us everything?

3) Which do you prefer, money or friendship?

Step 4 Read and say.

1. Play the tape for the students to listen and find out the answers to the following questions.

1)What are Sarah’s friends going to do tomorrow?

2)Can Sarah go with them? Why or why not?

2. Play the tape again and ask the students to listen and try to retell.

3. Call 2 ~ 3 students to retell the dialogue.

4. Practice the dialogue in pairs.

5. Ask the students to make a similar dialogue.

Step 5 Exercises


1. Sarah’s parents will be very worry if she takes her brother out.

2. Sarah said to her friends, “ Enjoy yourself.” They all have a good time.

3. —Would you like to come along?

—Yes, I’d love.

4. Mr. Little had many money. But he has no good friends.

5. Sarah’s little brother is so young to look after himself. So her mother has to stay at home.

Keys: 1.worry→worried 2.yourself→yourselves 3.lover→love to 4.many→much/a lot of/lots of  5.so→too



Mr. More________ very rich .He________ a lot of money .He________ buy himself lots of good things, but he ________ not know why he ________ not enjoy himself.

Keys: was, had, could, did, did

Step 6 Homework:

1. Copy the words and the phrases.

2. Do the exercises on page 99.

3. Writing: Can Money Bring us Everything(150 words) .


Lesson 83

1. Comparing the two persons.




2. Drills

(1) Would you like to come along? I’d love to.

(2) My little brother is too young to look after himself.

(3)I can’t go out until my mother returns.

(4) Have a nice weekend with your brother!

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