Lesson 82 教学设计方案


Teaching Objectives:Enable the students to understand the reading passage about Beethoven.

Language Focus: afford to do, for fun, knock at, to one’s surprise, write down, hear sb. do/doing, dim, blind, shine (shone, shone)

Properties: Tape-recorder, Overhead projector

Teaching Procedures:

I. Organizing the class

1. Ask the students to get ready for class.

2. Greetings between the teacher and the students.

3. A duty report.

II. Revision

T: Ask the students to say sentences with “could” and “self”.

III. Reading

1. Pre-reading:

Ask the students the following questions before reading.

(1) Do you like listening to music?

(2) What do you know about Beethoven?

(3) Can you play any musical instruments? How well can you play?

(4) The teacher gives a brief introduction of Beethoven.

2. While-reading:

(1) Ask the students to read the passage silently by themselves.

(2) Ask the students to answer the reading comprehension questions.

(3) Play the tape for the passage and ask the students to read after the tape.

(4) Explain the language points.

①sonata/s[5na:t[/: musical composition for one instrument(eg. the piano) ,or two(eg. piano and violin) , normally with three or four movements. 奏鸣曲

②afford to do: (通常与can, could, be able to连用)spare or find enough time or money for

–We can’t afford to go away this summer.

–I can help you.

They aren’t able to afford to buy a big apartment. So they have to live in a small house.

③to one’s surprise = to the surprise of sb.

To my surprise/To the surprise of everyone, his plan succeeded. I feel very happy for this.

To our surprise, he survived in the aircraft. Good luck!

3. After-reading

(1) Ask the students to retell the passage.

(2) Ask the students to talk about their feelings after reading the passage.

(3) Ask the students to work in pairs and then act it out.

IV. Exercises in class


1. The candle light in the small room wasn’t bright, it was _________.

2. Don’t take it seriously, I just said it ________ _________.

3. The girl can’t see at all. She is_________.

4. The girl listened to the woman next door play the piano and learned all by ________(part of body). She is very clever.

5. He’s too poor to _________ a big house. So he must work hard to earn much money.

Keys: l. dim2.for fun3.blind4.ear5.afford

V. Homework

1. Finish exercises on page 98.

2. Retell the passage.

3. Rewrite the passage.

VI. Summary





4.他们太穷了,以至于不能负担得起音乐会票。(too…to;afford to)



1. We often hear her play the piano upstairs.

2. The girl and her brother both lost themselves in Beethoven’s beautiful music.

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