My humorous friend


She doesn’t have long hair, but big eyes ,a small mouth . She is very slim .Her hobbies are taking photos , speaking English , playing badminton and reading books . There’re a lot of books in her bookshelves . She is very interested and humorous .

Today , she went to the south sea square . She met a man . The man said :‘Miss , can you help me ?’ ‘Ok, what can I do for you ?’ ‘Can you look for my dog ?’The man said :‘Oh!’She said :‘A dog ! A dog! Go left and at the corner of the cafe shop , you can see it !’ ‘;Oh! Dear !’ The man came up to the corner and picked his dog . She came to the dog and told it‘Buby , be careful next time ! Don’t lose your master again .

The man smiled and left her .

Yes , this is my best and humorous friend .

Do you line her?

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