My hobby


Do you know what’s my hobby? Swimming? Playing computer games? No, they are not my hobbies.

To tell you the truth, my hobby is collecting all kinds of coins.

I have got coins from more than ten regions except Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao .There are four albums for keeping the coins. The coins are in different shapes. Circle, hexagon and octagon. Even erose ones.

Some coins are from my trip, such as Singapore coin, Malaysia coin, some coins are from my parents’ trip, such as Brazil coin, Korea coin and America coin. Some coins are from my parents’ friends, such as France, India and Finland.

I like the Euro best of all these coins. Look at this Germany coin! Brandenburger Tor(布兰登堡大门) is on one side of it. And Spain coin! There is the Cervantes(塞万提司) head portrait on one side of it. Different European countries have different designs on their coins.

I like the Denmark coins too. I think they are lovely. Because there are some heart shapes on each coin. And there is a small hole in the centre of the coin.

The American coins are the most interesting ones. Do you know? Different states have different designed coins. So there are fifty-two kinds of coins in America!

Since starting collecting coins, I have learnt much knowledge from them. I knew Brandenburger Tor(布兰登堡大门) is one of the most famous building. It is the representation of classicalism building in Germany. I also knew Cervantes(塞万提司) is the writer of <<Don Juan>> and a known poet in Spain at the same time. I understand the America history of about 300 years. I hope I can set foot on this land. I can enter the hometown of Andersen ------ Denmark and enjoy the little mermaid(美人鱼铜像)……and so on.

I like collecting coins and I will continue this hobby. I hope I can collect the coins from all over the world.

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