老友记第五季05 我不想当Kip The One With All the Kips


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[00:21.23]Monica? 摩妮卡?

[00:24.64]What time is it? 现在几点?

[00:26.37]Nine. 9点

[00:30.-1]But it's dark out. 可是外面还很黑

[00:32.01]That's because you always sleep till noon,silly. 那是因为你老睡到中午,傻瓜

[00:36.01]This is what nine looks like. 9点就是这么黑

[00:39.65]I guess I'll get washed up then. 那我该梳洗一下

[00:42.45]Watch that sunrise. 准备看日出

[00:47.23]I'm getting tired of always sneaking around. 我不想再偷偷摸摸了

[00:50.23]Me too. What if we went away for the weekend? No interruptions. 我知道,我也是 不然我们去外面渡周末 就没人打扰我们

[00:54.73]We could be naked the entire time. 还可以赤身裸体

[00:57.37]All weekend? That's a whole lot of naked. 整个周末?那可是很长

[01:01.01]I'll say I have a conference and you can have a chef thing. 我可以说我去开会 你就说去参加厨师研讨

[01:05.08]I wanted to go to this culinary fair in Jersey! 我一直想参加泽西的烹饪大会

[01:08.31]Okay. You know you're not,though. 不过你去的不是那里

[01:11.72]-Let's go. -Okay. Wait. 走吧

[01:13.65]What about Joey? 等等,乔伊怎么办?

[01:23.13]The One with the Kips 本集播出:“谁进谁出”


[02:11.14]I'm going to a culinary fair in Jersey this weekend. 你们知道我这周末要干嘛吗?去纽泽西参加烹饪大会

[02:15.31]How weird! Chandler just said he's got a conference there. 钱德刚才说要去那里开会

[02:20.82]That's funny. Seems like Chandler's conference could've been... 真有意思 钱德应该可以

[02:24.89]...in Connecticut or Vermont. 去康州或维蒙开会

[02:28.89]I'm not in charge of where the conference is held. 我又不能决定在哪里开会

[02:32.56]Do you want people to think it's fake? It's a real conference. 难道你希望大家认为我造假? 因为我可没说谎

[02:38.74]-ls Rachel here? -No,she's out shopping. 瑞秋在吗?我要找她 她出去逛街了

[02:42.07]-Damn! -What's going on? 可恶 怎么了?

[02:45.28]I told Emily to come. 我叫艾蜜莉来

[02:47.01]And I just need to,you know, talk to Rachel about it. 所以我得赶快跟瑞秋说

[02:52.58]Wait a minute. 等等

[02:54.29]When Emily comes, you won't see Rachel anymore? 艾蜜莉来了之后 你真的就不见瑞秋了?

[02:57.66]I'm focusing on the "I get to see my wife" part... 我现在只能专心想着 “我可以见我老婆”

[03:01.03]...and not on the part that makes me do this. 不去想我快胃溃疡的事

[03:07.00]So you'll never be in a room together? 你们再也不能共处一室?

[03:09.77]How will that even work? 这怎么可能?

[03:11.70]I have no idea. I mean.... 我也不知道

[03:13.77]But I assure you, I will figure it out. 但是我一定会想到办法

[03:19.21]It doesn't seem like it'll work. 看起来实在不可能…

[03:23.62]Hi,guys. 大家好 嗨


[03:26.38]What's going on? 怎么了?

[03:28.62]We're flipping Monica's mattress. 我们正要帮摩妮卡翻床垫

[03:33.56]So I'm thinking,basically, we pick it up and then we flip it. 我认为应该先抬起来再翻过来

[03:39.56]That's better than my way. 这方法比我的主意好

[03:43.00]Hey guys,would you flip mine too? 你们顺便帮我翻

[03:45.84]Oh,man. 受不了

[03:50.68]Oh,look! A letter from my mom. 我妈寄信来

[03:55.08]So,Rach? 瑞秋,

[03:57.82]You know how Emily's coming? 你知道艾蜜莉要来

[04:00.22]Oh,yeah. I know. 我知道啊

[04:02.19]Can you hear anything? 听得到吗?

[04:03.92]Yeah,somebody just said, "Can you hear anything?" 当然,刚刚有人说 “听得到吗?”

[04:11.93]Hey,Joey's ass. 乔伊的大屁股

[04:16.53]What are you doing? 你在做什么?

[04:17.77]Remember when they fought and broke up... 记得上次他们吵架分手时

[04:20.37]...and we were stuck here all night with no food? 我们卡在房里没东西可吃吗?

[04:23.68]When Ross said "Rachel" at the wedding, I figured it'd happen again. 罗斯在婚礼上说出瑞秋名字后 我猜旧戏可能会重演

[04:28.45]So I hid this in here. 所以我在这里藏了这些东西

[04:30.78]Candy bars,crossword puzzles.... 有糖果,猜谜…

[04:33.22]Mad Libs! Mine! 还有疯狂字谜,我要

[04:36.75]-Okay,"Name of someone in room." -Chandler. 好,“说出房里某人的名字” 钱德

[04:40.19]Come on,seriously. 拜托,正经一点

[04:44.50]What do you got in here? Magazines,Doritos 还有什么?杂志、洋芋片

[04:47.63]Condoms? 保险套?

[04:51.30]You don't know how long we'll be in here. 谁晓得会在这里待多久

[04:54.47]We may have to repopulate the Earth. 搞不好我们还得负责 繁衍人类后代

[04:58.88]And condoms are the way to do that? 戴保险套还想繁衍后代?

[05:03.75]Anyway,it all boils down to this. 有个关键问题

[05:07.59]-The last time I talked to Emily -Oh,my God! Our dog died! 上次我跟艾蜜莉通电话 天啊,我的狗死了

[05:13.12]-What? -Oh,my God! LaPooh,our dog! 什么? 天啊,拉普死了

[05:19.73]LaPooh's still alive? 拉普还活着?

[05:24.37]Sorry. 对不起

[05:26.47]It says he was hit by an ice cream truck and dragged for... 我妈说它被冰淇淋车撞到

[05:31.48]...nineteen blocks! 还被拖了...19条街

[05:35.78]-Oh,my God. -Sweetie,we heard you crying. 我的天啊 我们听到你在哭

[05:39.-1]-Please don't cry. -It's LaPooh! 别哭了

[05:42.09]I know,it's LaPooh right now but it'll get better. 是拉普 过几天就没事了

[05:52.23]I can't believe it! We're here! 不可思议,我们到了

[05:55.80]Chocolates on the pillows! I love that! 枕头上还放巧克力 我最爱这套

[05:58.67]You should live with Joey. Rolos everywhere. 那你应该跟乔伊住 到处都有巧克力糖

[06:02.64]This is so great. No one's gonna bother us. 太好了,没人会来打扰我们

[06:05.44]And we're gonna do it. 我们可以尽情缠绵

[06:07.35]I'm gonna do it with Monica! 我要跟摩妮卡上床了

[06:11.82]Chandler,stop yelling that you and I are gonna do it! 钱德,上床就上床,别穷嚷嚷

[06:16.19]-I'll be right back. -Okay. 我马上回来

[06:23.36]Oh,yes! 万岁

[06:25.60]Get in here. There's a high-speed car chase on! 摩妮卡快来 电视正在转播警匪公路追逐战

[06:28.93]We're switching rooms. 我们要换房间

[06:30.90]Oh,dear God! They gave us glasses! 天啊,他们给了我们玻璃杯!

[06:34.07]The glasses have lipstick on them. 杯子上有口红印

[06:36.74]Who knows what else they didn't change? 如果连杯子都没换 谁晓得还有哪些东西没换

[06:39.38]You wanna switch rooms because they didn't switch the glasses? 饭店没换杯子你就要换房间?

[06:42.35]I didn't wanna say anything, but the carpet smells too. 我本来不想说 地毯也有点臭

[06:47.05]I want this weekend to be perfect. We can change rooms,can't we? 亲爱的,我只是希望 过个完美的周末 换个房间嘛

[06:53.02]Okay,but let's do it now. Chopper Five just lost its feed! 好吧,要换快换 5号直升机刚跟丢了

[07:11.74]Forget it. 算了

[07:19.18]You know how there was something I wanted to talk to you about? 记得我上次有事告诉你吗?

[07:24.09]Oh,yeah. 对

[07:28.06]I'm trying to work things out with Emily. 你知道我很希望跟艾蜜莉合好

[07:32.90]Well,there's this... 不过…

[07:34.47]...one thing. 有件事...

[07:39.47]Here goes. 我要说了

[07:44.14]I made a promise that 我答应她…

[07:46.48]-What? -Your nose is bleeding. 什么? 你流鼻血

[07:48.58]-Oh,God! -You're bleeding. 天啊

[07:51.32]Oh,not again. This happened when my grandfather died. 别又来了 我祖父过世时也一样

[07:55.45]Sorry. 实在是…抱歉


[07:58.62]Okay. So I'm sorry. What did you want to tell me? 好了,对不起 你刚要说什么?

[08:10.23]Sorry. Sorry. 抱歉

[08:16.57]I can't see you anymore. 我不能再见你了

[08:18.81]I know,it's ridiculous. I can't see you,either. All right. 我知道,真离谱 我也看不到你 好吧

[08:22.75]I'm just gonna go shove a bunch of tissues in my nose. 我得塞一坨卫生纸到鼻子里

[08:26.92]Hey,do you wanna tell me while I do that? 我边塞你边说好了

[08:30.29]I'm good. 算了

[08:34.49]-I think you'll like this room more. -Okay,great. 你们可能会喜欢这间房 太好了

[08:41.43]They say he's only got half a tank left. 听说他只剩下一半的汽油

[08:43.37]Half a tank? Still lots of high-speed chasing to do! 一半?那还可以跑很久哩

[08:49.04]-I'll bet he's heading for Canada. -They always do. 他一定是想去加拿大 每次都用同一招

[08:52.81]-We're switching rooms again. -What? Why? 我们必须换房间 什么?为什么?

[08:55.51]This has a garden view. We paid for an ocean view. 这间房是花园景观 我们订的是观海房

[08:59.08]Our last ocean-view room was unacceptable to you. 只剩一间观海房 可是你们不喜欢

[09:03.92]-The carpet smelled. -Like ocean? 那间房的地毯有味道 大海的味道?

[09:07.39]No,like feet. 是脚臭味

[09:11.16]Excuse me. Can I talk to you over here for just a second? 失陪,我可以跟你谈一下吗?

[09:19.07]钱德 来了

[09:21.41]These clowns want to take us for a ride. I won't let them. 这些小人想佔我们便宜 我才没那么蠢

[09:25.31]We're not a couple of suckers. 我们可不是呆头鹅

[09:28.48]I hear you,Mugsy. 说得好,大姐头

[09:31.08]All these rooms are fine. 这些房间都还好啊

[09:33.25]Just pick one so I can watch the 请你赶快选定,让我看…

[09:36.05]Have a perfect,magical weekend together with you? 让我跟你一起好好渡假

[09:42.89]Oh,man,he almost hit a gas truck. 天啊,他差点撞上油罐车

[09:46.00]Do you ever watch Baywatch? 你看不看“海滩游侠”?

[09:55.91]-This one I like. -Nothing. Nothing. It's over. Damn it! 我喜欢这间 没了,结束了

[09:59.88]This is regularly scheduled programming! 竟然没有延长时间

[10:03.08]-I wanted to see them talk to his neighbors. -Well,I'm standing right here... 我想看他们访问邻居 我就在这

[10:07.12]-...you could talk to me. -You didn't know him. 你可以跟我聊天 你又不认识歹徒

[10:11.59]Can we turn the TV off? 可以关掉电视吗?

[10:13.26]Do we really want to spend the weekend like this? 难道整个周末都要看电视?

[10:16.19]Am I getting in the way of the room-switching fun? 抱歉,我是不是 妨碍你换房间了?

[10:20.30]Don't blame me for tonight. 你火大可别怪到我身上

[10:22.37]Who should I blame? The nice bellman? 否则该怪谁?那个倒霉的服务生?

[10:25.74]Or the idiot who thought he could drive... 或许该怪那个以为用半箱汽油

[10:28.37]...from Albany to Canada on half a tank of gas? 可以从纽约跑到加拿大的家伙

[10:32.31]Do not speak ill of the dead. 不要说死者的坏话

[10:36.31]We're supposed to be spending a romantic weekend together. 我们出来是为了过浪漫周末

[10:40.62]What's the matter? 你到底哪里有毛病?

[10:42.09]I just want to watch a little television. 我只是想看点电视 有何不对?

[10:44.82]Jeez,relax,Mom. 放轻松嘛,老妈

[10:49.63]What did you say? 你说什么?

[10:51.50]I said,"Jeez,relax,Mon." 我说,“放轻松,小摩”

[10:57.07]You know what,Chandler? You like fast getaways? Watch this. 你喜欢看高速逃忘? 现在就看好了

[11:02.71]I don't like fast getaways, I like car chases. 我不喜欢看高速逃忘 我要看的是飞车逃忘

[11:16.55]-Hey,what's up? -Hey. 嗨

[11:20.36]I've been wanting to tell you something and I just have to get it out. 瑞秋,我一直有话要告诉你 我非说不可

[11:24.80]Okay. What's up? 什么事?

[11:26.50]Okay,before I tell you I just have to know... 在我说话之前,你确定

[11:29.13]...is your nose okay? 不会再流鼻血?

[11:32.04]Are all the other family pets in good health? 你家其他的宠物都很健康?

[11:36.-2]Well,Davey's still pining after LaPooh... 大卫还在伤心拉普过世

[11:39.71]...but,you know,he's a tough little turtle. 不过它是支坚强的小乌龟

[11:45.08]You know how you said to do whatever it takes to fix my marriage? 你上次说我应该 不惜代价挽救婚姻?

[11:49.42]Yeah,I told you to give Emily whatever she wants. 对,我叫你 答应艾蜜莉所有要求

[11:53.69]And while that was good advice, you should know that what she wants... 你建议不错 不过我必须告诉你她开的条件

[12:02.60]...is for me not to see you anymore. 就是叫我永远不能再见你

[12:08.81]That's crazy! You can't do that. What are you going to tell her? 太扯了,你才做不到 你要怎么告诉她?

[12:19.15]Oh,my God! 天啊

[12:22.12]You've already agreed to this. 你已经答应了 对不对?

[12:25.12]It's awful,I know. 我知道自己很恶劣

[12:27.89]But I have to do this if I want my marriage to work. 我心情也很糟糕 但是这是挽救婚姻的唯一方法

[12:31.83]And I do. I have to make this marriage work. I have to. 我很希望跟她合好 必须挽救这段婚姻

[12:40.91]But the good thing is,we can still see each other until she gets here. 好在我们在她抵达之前 还可以继续见面

[12:48.61]Lucky me! Oh,my God! That is good news,Ross! 我真幸运 天啊,这真是好消息

[12:52.68]That's the best news I've heard since LaPooh died! 自从拉普过世之后 最大的好消息

[12:58.92]You have no idea what a nightmare this has been. This is so hard. 你不知道我有多难过 我也很痛苦

[13:04.16]Oh,yeah,really? Is it,Ross? 是吗?真的吗,罗斯?

[13:06.63]-Let me make this easier for you. -What are you doing? 我可以为你减轻压力 你做什么?

[13:10.60]-Storming out. -It's your apartment. 愤而出走 瑞秋,这是你家

[13:13.04]Yeah? Well,that's how mad I am! 你看我有多火大

[13:28.-4]Damn Rolos! 臭巧克力糖

[13:31.56]You're back! How was your conference? 你回来了 嘿 这次出差如何?

[13:34.39]It was terrible. I fought with my colleagues the entire time. 糟透了 我跟…同事吵架 到回来前都没合好

[13:38.86]Are you kidding with this? 你开玩笑?

[13:42.-2]So your weekend was a bust? 也就是整个周末都泡汤?

[13:43.83]No,I got to see Donald Trump waiting for an elevator. 也不会,我看到 唐纳川普等电梯

[13:47.20]You know,at the Taj Mahal he has his own private glass elevator. 他在泰姬陵有私人玻璃电梯

[13:52.41]That's right. Made by Otis Elevators. 都由欧狄斯电梯公司生产

[13:55.05]And they don't usually do glass. 那家公司很少做玻璃电梯

[13:58.15]What kinds of stuff do you know? 你脑袋里都装什么啊?

[14:03.45]You're back too. 嗨 你也回来了

[14:05.22]Could I talk to you for a second? 对,钱德,可以出来一下吗?

[14:07.76]-How was your chef thing? -lt was awful. 烹饪大会好玩吗? 糟透了

[14:11.03]Some people don't appreciate good food. 有些人根本不会欣赏美食

[14:13.86]Maybe the food tasted good at first... 你的食物可能看起来很美味

[14:16.80]...but then made everybody vomit and have diarrhea. 吃下去却害人上吐下泻

[14:22.14]钱德 摩妮卡

[14:28.11]How much was the room? I'll pay my half. 旅馆费用多少? 我要付我那一半

[14:30.61]Fine. $300. 很好,300元

[14:31.92]$300? 300元?

[14:33.12]Just think of it as $25 per room. 就想成每间25元

[14:39.26]What are you guys woofing about? 你们鬼叫什么?

[14:42.09]Chandler stole a 20 from my purse! 钱德从我皮包偷了20元纸钞


[14:47.30]I was only stealing it back, the one that she stole from me. 因为摩妮卡先偷我的钱 我只是拿回来

[14:50.40]Stealing and now lying. 这人不但是小偷还说谎

[14:54.07]You know what? Now that I think about it... 现在回头想想,

[14:57.-2]...I constantly find myself without 20s,and you... 我老没20元

[15:00.31]...always have lots. 你皮夹里倒是很多

[15:07.59]You should've seen the look on her face. 你们应该看看她当时的表情

[15:10.12]I don't want Rachel to hate me. I don't know what to do. 我不希望瑞秋恨我 真不知道该怎么办

[15:13.82]-You want my advice? -Yes. Please. 你要听我的建议吗?请说

[15:16.33]-You won't like it. -That's okay. 你听了一定不高兴 没关系

[15:19.66]You got married too fast. 你决定结婚太匆促了

[15:23.53]-That's not advice. -I told you. 这算哪们子忠告? 看吧

[15:29.27]I'm going to the bathroom. 我去洗手间

[15:32.84]If anyone asked me to give up any of you,I couldn't do it. 要有人叫我别见你们其中一个 我绝对办不到

[15:37.28]Me neither. 我也不行

[15:38.88]Maybe I could do it. 或许我可以

[15:44.42]嗨 嗨,瑞秋

[15:46.-3]I know you guys heard about me and Ross. 我知道你们听说 罗斯跟我的事情了

[15:49.00]But I've been obsessing about it and would love not to talk about it. 我已经烦了一整天 请你们别再提起了

[15:53.66]I don't know if this falls under that category... 我不知道这算不算提起

[15:57.-2]...but Ross is right back there. 不过罗斯就在后面

[15:59.74]-That's not Ross. -Not that guy. 那才不是罗斯

[16:02.17]He does look like him,though. 不是那个,虽然很像

[16:05.54]Ross is in the bathroom. 罗斯去洗手间了

[16:07.58]Oh,my God! It's happening. It's already started. I'm Kip. 天啊,开始了,现在就这样, 我就像阿吉

[16:12.25]Yeah,you're not Kip. 你才不是阿吉

[16:14.15]Do you even know who Kip is? 你知道阿吉是谁吗?

[16:17.32]Who cares? You're Rachel. 谁管他?你是瑞秋

[16:22.09]Who's Kip? 阿吉是谁?

[16:23.86]My old roommate. We all hung out together. 我以前的室友 以前也跟大家很好

[16:26.60]Oh,that poor bastard. 那个可怜人

[16:29.77]You told me the story. He and Monica dated. 看吧?你们跟我说过那件事 他以前跟摩妮卡约会

[16:33.17]When they broke up,you all promised you'd stay his friend. 分手后却无法共处一室 你们都答应继续跟他当朋友

[16:37.57]And what happened? He got phased out. 结果呢?他从此遭到排挤

[16:40.41]-You won't be phased out. -Of course I am. 我们才不会排挤你 一定会

[16:43.28]It won't happen to Ross. He's your brother,your college roommate. 罗斯一定可以留下来 因为他是你哥哥 又是你大学室友

[16:47.89]Kip didn't even have to be Kip. We handled that all wrong. 阿吉也不该受到这样的待遇 我们以前处理得很糟糕

[16:51.09]It was a long time ago. 况且那是很久以前的事情

[16:52.52]And it was before you and me were around. They didn't know what they were doing. 对啊,瑞秋 当时我跟你还没出现 他们根本不知道自己在做什么

[16:58.53]Chandler had a mustache, for crying out loud. 钱德还留着小胡子哩

[17:04.00]It was just a matter of time. 迟早有人会离开这个小圈圈

[17:06.40]I just assumed Phoebe would be the one to go. 我以前还以为走的是菲比

[17:11.51]You live far away, you're not related. 拜托,你住得远 又不是谁的亲戚

[17:14.11]You lift right out. 很快就会被淡忘

[17:23.85]Hey,Mr. Bing. 宾先生

[17:25.86]That hotel you stayed at called. 你住的饭店打电话来

[17:29.83]Someone left an eyelash curler in your room. 说在你房间捡到睫毛夹

[17:35.33]Yes,that was mine. 是我的

[17:39.10]I figured you met a girl and she left it. 我以为你钓上哪个马子 她忘了带走

[17:42.44]That would have made more sense. 这种说法的确比较合理

[17:45.91]I don't even feel like I know you anymore. 我都快要不认识你了

[17:49.78]All right,I'm just going to ask you this one time. 我只问你一次就好

[17:53.52]Whatever you say, I'll believe you. 无论你怎么说,我都相信你

[17:57.29]Were you or were you not... 你是不是去...

[18:00.29]...on a gay cruise? 参加同性恋大会?


[18:20.94]I'm sorry about the whole "lifting out" thing. 我不该说大家会淡忘你

[18:25.92]You gotta come with me. 你得跟着我

[18:28.05]-Where? -Wherever I go. 去哪里? 跟着我就对了

[18:29.75]You and me,we'll start a new group. We're the best ones. 我们可以重组一个团体 毕竟我跟你才是精华

[18:37.56]Okay,but try to get Joey too. 好吧,不过记得拉乔伊入伙

[18:43.17]Phoebe,do you mind if l speak to Rachel alone? 菲比,我可以跟瑞秋 私下谈谈吗?

[18:46.64]Sure. 当然

[18:50.94]Bye,Ross. 再见,罗斯

[18:52.41]Forever. 永远不见了


[19:00.35]Why are you here? Isn't this against the rules? 你来做什么?这不是违反规定?

[19:06.00]I talked to Monica. 我跟摩妮卡谈过

[19:10.-3]Look,I'm the one who made the choice. 是我做这个选择

[19:12.63]I'm the one who's making things change. 我害大家必须要改变

[19:15.60]So I should be the one to, you know,step back. 所以离开的应该是我

[19:19.30]No,no,it's okay. Really. 罗斯… 真的没关系

[19:22.57]Plenty of people just see their sisters at Thanksgiving... 很多人只有在感恩节见到妹妹

[19:26.68]...their college roommates at reunions... 同学会才见到大学室友

[19:29.58]...and Joey at Burger King. 在“汉堡王”才见到乔伊

[19:37.55]Is that better? 这样你舒服一点了吗?

[19:42.43]No,it's not better. 一点也没有

[19:45.63]I still don't get to see you. 我还是见不到你

[19:50.37]What would you do? If you were me,what would you do? 瑞秋,换做你会怎么办?

[20:02.65]First,I'd have said the right name at my wedding. 首先,我在婚礼上 就不会说错名字

[20:13.16]I can't believe this. 竟然得走到这一步

[20:19.16]I know. 我知道

[20:21.67]I am so sorry. 我很抱歉

[20:25.30]I know that too. 我也知道

[20:35.18]Hey,Rach? 瑞秋

[20:36.41]Sorry to interrupt,but Phoebe said you want to talk to me about a trip? 抱歉打扰 菲比说我们要去哪里


[20:49.79]I just came over to drop off... 嗨 我来拿…

[20:52.50]...nothing. 没事

[20:58.04]So that weekend kind of sucked. 上周末过得很糟

[21:00.60]Yeah,it did. 没错

[21:02.61]So I guess this is over? 那大概没得玩了

[21:06.88]You know,you and me. I mean,it had to end sometime. 什么? 我说你跟我啦 反正迟早得结束

[21:11.62]Why exactly? 为什么?

[21:13.32]Because of the weekend. We had a fight. 因为我们上周末吵架啊

[21:16.39]Chandler,that's crazy. 钱德,你太扯了

[21:19.49]If you always gave up after a fight... 如果你每次吵架就分手

[21:22.03]...you'd never be with anyone longer than 交往大概不会超过…


[21:32.00]This isn't over? 所以我们还可以继续?

[21:35.24]You are so cute! 你真可爱

[21:39.68]No,no. It was a fight. 当然,我们只是吵架

[21:42.65]You deal with it and you move on. It's nothing to freak out about. 吵过之后就算了 根本没什么好害怕

[21:47.68]Really? Okay,great! 真的?太好了

[21:51.76]Welcome to an adult relationship. 欢迎加入成熟恋人行列

[21:57.73]We're in a relationship? 我们算是男女朋友?

[22:02.27]I'm afraid so. 恐怕是



[22:12.68]I heard you saw Donald Trump at your convention. 摩妮卡,听说你上周 看到唐纳川普

[22:16.05]Saw him waiting for an elevator. 对,我看到他在等电梯

[22:21.62]Can I use your eyelash curler? I lost mine. 瑞秋,借我睫毛夹 我的不见了

[22:24.35]It's in the bathroom. 好啊,在厕所

[22:32.93]Can I talk to you for a second? 乔伊,过来一下

[22:48.25]Yes. 没错…


[22:52.78]You? 你?

[22:54.25]And you? 跟你?

[22:56.62]But you cannot tell anyone. No one knows. 对,但是你不能告诉别人 还没人知道

[22:59.29]But how? When? 怎么会?何时?

[23:01.63]-lt happened in London. -ln London! 要从伦敦说起 伦敦?

[23:06.66]We didn't want to make a big deal out of it. 我们之所以没告诉大家 是不想你们大惊小怪

[23:10.67]But it is a big deal! I have to tell someone! 这的确是大事 我非告诉谁不可

[23:16.17]You can't. 不行…你不能说

[23:17.34]-Please. Now,I know this is hard. -lt is. It hurts. 我知道这很痛苦 没错,痛苦死了

[23:24.11]We just don't want to deal with telling everyone. 拜托你,我们就是 不想面对大家质问

[23:27.35]Please just promise you won't tell. 求求你保证不说

[23:33.39]All right. 好吧

[23:36.53]Man,this is unbelievable! 不可思议

[23:39.20]I mean,it's great! 这是件好事

[23:41.30]But.... 可是…

[23:43.13]I know. It's great! 我知道,的确很棒

[23:46.00]I don't want to see that! 我可不想看到这一幕

[23:51.48]We're so stupid. 我们真是太蠢了

[23:54.-1]Do you know what's going on in there? They're trying to take Joey! 你知道他们在做什么吗?他们想抢走乔伊

[24:03.19]"The most popular Phoebe in tennis is called the overhand Phoebe. 网球界最有名的菲比 就叫做杀球菲比

[24:07.69]If you win,slap your opponent on the Phoebe and say,'Hi,Phoebe!'" 赢了就得跟对方击掌 说“嗨,菲比”

[24:13.00]That's cute. We really all enjoyed it. 真有意思,很好玩

[24:16.13]-But it doesn't count. -For what? 但是这不算 不算什么?

[24:18.34]Just count in our heads as good Mad Libs. 这可不算疯狂字谜

[24:23.11]-I gotta go. -Fun's over. 我不想玩了 不好玩了

[24:25.74]Wait,if we follow the rules... 等等,要遵守规则

[24:28.11]...it's still fun and it means something. 才有意思 也才有意义啊

[24:30.68]I'm going to take off. 我要闪人了

[24:32.25]Guys,rules are good! 有规则才好

[24:34.58]Rules help control the fun. 不守规则怎么会好玩



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