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The National Rifle Association is defending the idea that the best response to the Newtown's school massacre is to place armed guards in all schools. Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre made that suggestion last week. This morning, he told NBC's Meet the Press the American people support this, in his words, they think it would be crazy not to do it. LaPierre also said the answer to school violence is not to reinstate a ban on assault weapons as proposed by Senator Feinstein.

美国步枪协会表示,应对纽敦市学校枪击案的最好方法是在所有的学校部署持枪警卫。上周,该协会执行副主席韦恩·拉皮埃尔提出此项建议。今天早上,拉皮埃尔参加NBC电视台的《与媒体见面》(Meet the Press)节目,并表示美国人支持这项建议,用他的话说就是,他们认为如果不这么做会很疯狂。参议员范斯坦提议重启攻击性武器禁令,而拉皮埃尔则说遏制校园暴力不用这么做。

You could ban all, Dianne Feinstein, as she could do whatever she wants to with magazines. It's not going to make any kids safer. We've got to get to the real problem, the real causes and that's what the NRA is trying to do.


He says the NRA will develop a plan to recruit volunteers to be armed guards in schools.


The last of the 26 people who died at the Sandy Hook School shooting were laid to rest yesterday. NPR's Margot Adler reports the Connecticut governor has issued an order for flags to be returned to full staff. Flags were lowered to half-staff on December 14th in honor of the 20 children and six adults killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. All around Newtown and Sandy Hook, there are memorials to those who died. Stuffed animals, angels, flowers these can be seen in many different locations. According to the Newtown Bee, the local newspaper, Town Selectman Pat Llodra held a town-wide call on Saturday. She said the town Highway Department would begin the process of removing the temporary memorials next week after the Christmas holidays. She said the materials from these monuments will be processed into soil that will be used to form the foundation of a permanent memorial. Margot Adler, NPR News, Danbury, Connecticut.

昨天,桑迪胡克小学枪击案的26名遇难者下葬。据NPR新闻的玛戈特·阿德勒报道,康涅狄格州州长已下令将国旗恢复正常。桑迪胡克小学惨案中有20名儿童和6名成人被枪杀,康涅狄格州于12月14日起降半旗向他们表示哀悼。纽敦市和桑迪胡克小学各处都有遇难者的悼念活动。许多地区都摆放着毛绒玩具、天使像以及鲜花。据纽敦市当地报纸《Newtown Bee》报道,市政委员帕特·劳德拉于周六在全市范围内举办电话会议。她说下周,即圣诞假期以后,纽敦市高速公路部门将开始清除这些临时摆放的纪念品。这些纪念品的原料将被添加进土壤中,以形成永久的纪念。NPR新闻,玛戈特·阿德勒康涅狄格州丹伯里报道。

Planning for your taxes next year will be more difficult whether or not Congress is able to avoid the fiscal cliff. NPR's Barbara Klein reports.


As negotiations drag on, the Internal Revenue Service is holding off on releasing income tax withholding tables for 2013. The American Payroll Association's Miclono says employers are likely to withhold income taxes at this year's rate.


They may have to make a decision if IRS does not issue some guidance by the time they process that first payroll for next year. They have to make a decision that they are going to use the tables that are currently in effect for 2012.


So workers could be informed a surprise like higher than expected bills and possibly penalties when they filed 2013 returns. Barbara Klein, NPR News, Washington.


In about an hour, memorial service is to begin in Honolulu for the late Senator Daniel Inouye who died last week at the age of 88. Inouye represented Hawaii in Congress for more than 50 years since Hawaii became a state. He was a senior at high school when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and later volunteered to fight in World War II. He lost his right arm fighting the Germans in Italy.


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International Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is heading to Damascus for talks on ending the Syrian civil war. The United Nations and the Arab League appointed him in September to try to negotiate a settlement. Since then, the rebels have expanded their control in the North and near the capital. In fact, Brahimi isn't flying into Damascus because of fighting near the airport. He flew into Beirut and he is going into Syria by car. Meanwhile, activists say there was an air strike in a town in central Syria today that killed dozens of people.


The Taliban has silenced another its CRItics in Pakistan. NPR's Dina Temple-Raston reports from Islamabad.


This's been a month of brazen attacks by the Pakistani Taliban. The latest was a suicide bombing in the northern city of Peshawar that took the life of a senior minister named Bashir Ahmed Bilour. He was a leader in the Awami National Party or ANP and was a vocal CRItic of the Taliban. Eight others were killed in the attack, and 17 were injured. There have been at least two previous attempts on his life. The assassination comes just a week after an attack on the military section of the Peshawar airport and just days after several heal care workers administering polio vaccines in Peshawar were also gunned down. Dina Temple-Raston, NPR News, Islamabad.


Violence erupted for a second day in New Delhi during demonstrations demanding the Indian government do more to protect women from violence. Police used tear gas and batons to keep protesters from marching on the President's Palace. The unrest began in response to the brutal rape and beating of a 23-year-old woman on a bus last weekend. Six men have been arrested.


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