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The labor department reports un-employment fall to a 4 years low last month. And now stands at 7.7%. At the white house, chief economist Alan Krueger calls at more evidence of recovery. But as NPR 's David Ma dingli tell us all agree much work remains. Employers added 146,000  jobs, stronger level of hiring than most analysts predicted given Hurricane Sandy and business worries about the fiscal cliff. And economist Hugh Johnson says if you take away Sandy, "It was certainly be a little bit stronger, the construction member would be stronger, the manufacturing member would be stronger. I am not sure it would be close to 200,000, but it would be certainly be somewhat stronger than the year 146,000 jobs. The jobless rate fall to a 4 years low in November, but the Labor department says that is mainly because more people stop looking for work. There not counted it is unemployed. David Ma dingli, NPR news, Washington.

Fiscal cliff talks between the white house and speaker of the house John Boehner continue although after a phone conversation with the president, the Ohio republican says there is nothing new to report. " phone converse, pleasant, but was just more of the same, the conversation stead-fast, yes, there is more of the same. Stand for the president, as if series come basketball to counteroffer." The speaker met with the reporters on capital hill earlier the day and after that talk, house democrat Nancy Pelosi spoke," The only obstacle standing in the way of middling come tax relief are the republicans on wealthiest to ask the top 2% to pay their fair share." Washington has until the end of this month to resolve differences before taxes raise and spendings slash.

Last March a New york bus driver ferrying passengers from Connecticut  to New York's Chinatown swerved and crashed, 15 people were killed, he faces serious charges, but as NPR 's John Rose reports, today a jury has returned a verdict denies favor. A jury in the Bronx found driver Ophadell Williams not guilty of manslaughter and CRIminally negligent homicide. Williams was driving from casino in Connecticut to New York's  Chinatown in March of 2011 when the bus swerved of interstate 95 and crashed into a sign pole. Prosecutors urged did Williams was speeding and slept deprived at the time of crash, but the defense attorney said his client was well-rested, and blamed the crash under the tractor trailer that swept the bus causing Williams to lose control. The jury did find Williams guilty on one count of aggravated un-license start probation of a vehicle. The judge sentenced Williams to pay a 500 dollars fine and spend 30 days in prison which is less then his already served. John Rose, NPR news, New York.

On wall street, the Dow is up 56. The NASDAQ down 12, this is NPR news.

Several people were reportedly hurt earlier today when a strong earth-quake struck of the north-east coast of Japan. No series damages were reported.

North Korea is preparing to launch a satellite into space, but analysts say it's more likely attest of that nation's long-range missile technology. Jayson Si Duode reports the North young ruler is testing his grip on power. North Korea says it will launch it's rocket as early as this coming Monday, Pyongyang maintains that it has the right to develop space program and will put a satellite into orbit calls to halt the launch from the U.S, South Korea and U.N don't seem to be having any of the effect. That could be because ruler Kim Jeong-eun needs to successfully test rocket to affirm his leadership according to reporters here in Seoul. The 29 year old leader is cracking down on the stint and placing confidence into top military positions. Jeong-eun came into power a years ago after the death of his father Kim Jong Il. From NPR news, I am Jayson Si Duode, in Seoul.

About 50 survivors were on hand in Hawaii today, as thousands gathered

decisive the Japanese attacked on Pearl harbour 71 years ago, the bombing left thousands dead and march the U.S into world war II, today's events gave a special note to members of the women 's air force service pilot who flew non-combat missions in World War II.

It's a girl for New England patriot quarterback Tom Brady and super model wife Gisele Bundchen, in the Facebook announcement she reviewed the couple's second child was born at home on Wednesday.

I am Louis Jevon O'Neil. NPR news, Washington.

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