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The opposition Labour Party in Britain has elected the former climate change minister Ed Miliband to be its next leader. Mr Miliband who is 40 years old, said the new generation was stepping forward, he narrawly beated his elder brother, former foreign secterary David Miliband Rob Watson reports.

This was a moment of ture political drama, a close context and one pitting two brothers against each other. In the end, it was Ed Miliband who triumphed by little more than 1%. In private, no doubt, that some family healings have been done. More publicly, he must unite the party after his narraw victory and work to reinvigorate labour after his heavy defects in last May's election. Most important clear of all he would have to restore Labour's credibility to govern, even the huge budget deficit left by the last Labour government.

The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said Israel must choose between settlements and peace. Mr Abbas was speaking at the United Nations general assembly. the day before, Israel's partial freeze on settlement building in the West Bank is due to expire. As Barbara Plett reports. It's not clear, Mr Abbas will carry out his threat to abandon the peace process if the Israel shoudn't extend the freeze.

He is under intense pressure from the American who i think are generally arguing to him is much better for the Palistinians if they stay in the talks, even if settlement biudling continues in somewhere alongside, because we will aim to have an independent Palestinian state within a year. On the other side, Mr Abbas has very little support for that position. At home, there is a division within his own Fatah movement. There are calls which show the Palestinians do not want talks continue as well as settlement building continues, so he is cut between those two difficult forces, but i think for the tone of his speech, it' possible that he may be leaning towards a compromise.

The India government has announced measures to try calm the conflict in India-administered Kashmir. Since June, more than a hundreds of civilians have been killed in protest against the presence of India security forces in the region. The home minister, Chidambaram announced some details at a news conference in Delhi.

We will advise the state government to immediately release all students and youth, detained or arrested for stone pelting or similar violations of law and withdraw the charges against such students and youth.

The minister said the aim was to begain a sustain dialogue with Kashmiris. He said attempts would be made to reduce the number of check points and bunkers for the security forces.

Police in Sweden say they have relrease a man detained at Stockholm airport over security scam on a airliner from Canada. Police say they will tip off the passenger desCRIbed as canadian of Pakistani origin was carrying explosives but searches reveal nothing.

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China has renewed its demand for a formal apology and compensation from Japan for the detaintion of a Chinese fishing boat skipper. The call came in a Chinese foreign ministry statement, just hours after Japan desCRIbed the first demand as toltally unacceptable. China also called on Japan to take practical steps to resovle the issue which was the biggest dipolimatic raw between them for several years.

A senior official in one of China's most populous areas Guangdong, has said the province would begin to relax the one child policy within ten years to help tackle a burden of aging pupolation. reports. When China begun its one child policy, it population was just about ? one billion. Now, 30 years on, there are 1.3 billion Chinese. China says it prevented 400 million birth as a result of the policy. It introduce the measure because it felt the country's huge popalation was a tremendous drag. Its fragile economy was recovering after years of political turmoil in the 1960s ans 70s. It appears economic so once again dictating China's family planning policy. The rapidly aging population means more people are needed to look after the growing number of elderly who themselves wo't be working.

Experts in Colombiaare are trying to crack the codes to 15 computers and almost 100 memory sticks seized from the Farc rebel group in a big raid on one of its jungle camps. they are hoping to find imformation which could reveal the whereabouts of 13 policemen and 7 soldiers being held captive by the Farc.

The highest Islamic authority in Egypt comdemn comments by a Coptic Chriatian bishop who has questioned authenticity of some verses in the koran. The Grand Imam Maarouf Ahmed al-Tayyeb said the bishop's remarks threatened national security, national unity, Imam was speaking after ? the special meeting to discuss remarks by bishop Bishoy, who susgested that several verses in the Koran were inserted after the prophet Mahhumad' death.

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